Updated:  11/17/2022 9:54:19 AM
*4 or More Points Denotes Qualified for SRS Crown

Callname Registered Name Handler Points
Onyx Taylor Farm's Berretta Onyx Stephen Durrence 28*
Gus Lucyana's Rock of Ages QA2 Leo Joseph 20*
Cash GRHRCH Vickers Counting on Cash QA2 MH Justin Hergert 17*
Henry Henry The Ninth QAA Luke Cour 17*
Jordon SRSC Bayou-Star Air Stepper QA2 MNR MH Lyle Steinman 16*
Hatch SRSC FC Lonestar's Batten Down The Hatches MH Lyle Steinman 15*
Mason SRSC GRHRCHx12 Oak Point's Traveling Man HOF MH MNH Stephen Durrence 14*
Champ Lanes Greatest Of All Time-OMG MH QA2 Lyle Steinman 13*
Kane GRHRCH Murky Creek's Insane Hurricane MH Justin Hergert 13*
Moon Honey brakes hurricane hunter Leo Joseph 12*
Stroker SRSC GRHRCHX7 Weese’s I Be Strokin MH Clark Kennington 11*
Bully Lucyana's Bewitched Bullet MH Rody Best 10*
Knox GRHRCH NorthForks Napolean of the Slough MH Scott Greer 10*
Lobo Lobo de Cruz Stephen Durrence 10*
Smokie SRSAC HRCH Razor's Easy Smoking Gun MH Stephen Durrence 10*
Abby HRCH Cedar Branch's Abigail McPow MH Stephen Durrence 9*
Dre Hiwaters Dr Dre MH Luke Cour 9*
Ranger SRSC Baypoint's Shaq Champion Ranger QA2 MH MNH Lyle Steinman 9*
Cooper Dude's Performance Enhancing Drug Stephen Durrence 8*
Roo HRCH Running on Octane MH Scott Greer 8*
Wayne HRCH Thrills Burnin Daylight Clark Kennington 8*
Zeus SRSC HRCH Double K's High Voltage Zeus MH QA2 Lyle Steinman 8*
Lou Lou Red Crowder Rody Best 7*
Tess SRSC GRHRCHX5 Testy Amigos MH Scott Greer 7*
JJ Texas Special Agent 99 MH Rody Best 6*
Joe GRHRCHX3 HRCH Plain Ole Joe MH MH Clark Kennington 6*
Poppi GRHRCH Down Da Bayou’s Designated Hitter MH Mark Polkey 6*
Reece Some People Call Me The Space Cowboy MH Rody Best 6*
Zeppelin Black Dog Gets The Led Out Scott Greer 6*
Ace Dealer's Choice Ace In the Hole Stephen Durrence 5*
Duckie SRSC Castile Creeks Dr Mallard MNR MH Lyle Steinman 5*
Goose SRSC Duck.. Duck.. MH Luke Cour 5*
Indy HRCH SRSC Indy's Best Skyline Slider MH Luke Cour 5*
Josie HRCH Jovi's Josie Hampton MH Scott Greer 5*
Quincy Caddo’s Unfinished Business MHR Luke Cour 5*
Reno HRCH Red Squad's Loverboy MH QA2 Clark Kennington 5*
Shooter SRSC GRHRCH SRSC HRCH Seaside's Straight Shooter MH QAA MH Carter Turner 5*
Shooter SRSC GRHRCH SRSC HRCH Seaside's Straight Shooter MH QAA MH Lee Howard 5*
Ace Black Devil's Ace in the Hole MH MNH7 JC Strange 4*
Banks Bryant’s JP Take it to the Bank Clark Kennington 4*
Belle HRCH Bayou Magic's Louisiana Belle MH Chuck McCall 4*
Cash SRSC HRCH Make It Rain On The Bayou Steve Riggins 4*
Goose Hockley creeks reliever Bobby Wills 4*
Joker HRCH Kemp's Fowl Mouth Wild Card Chuck McCall 4*
Mo HRCH Mossy Pond's Parting The Water MH QAA Lee Howard 4*
Nick TFK's Short Burn Stephen Durrence 4*
Red HRCH Coastlines Playing With Fire MH Lee Howard 4*
Smoke SRSACC SRSAC HRCH Sweetbriar's Smokin Joe QAA MH Ron Anderson 4*
Beau GRHRCHX5 AJTop Chiefs Blessed Beau MH QA2 Nathan Sloan 3
Bolt HR's Redlined Knucklehead MH Luke Cour 3
Dude GRHRCH Arkansas Rebel Dog MH Jake Stinson 3
Legend Abbeys Blaze of Glory QA2 MH Bobby Wills 3
Maize Dared To Dream QA2 MH Clark Kennington 3
Me HRCH Shelbie's it's all about M.E. MH MNR QA2 MH MNH3 Lee Howard 3
Mo Space Cowboy (Maurice) MH Michael Osteen 3
Splash AJS Labs Song of the South Lee Howard 3
Buzz HRCH CR's Sting Like A Bee justin hergert 2
Maggie Trumarc's Magz In Action MH Rody Best 2
Pine TFK's Tiger Dude's Black Pine Stephen Durrence 2
Snow HRCH AJS Labs Once Upon A Time MH QAA Lee Howard 2
Bill GRHRCHX8 UH Ole Mighty Dollar Bill QAA HOF MH Nathan Sloan 1
Elly Elly May Klampett Klar Chuck McCall 1
Georgia GRHRCHX5 Southern Way's Georgia on my Mind QAA MH Justin Hergert 1
Khaleesi Steadfast’s Mother of Dragons QAA Kelsey Brown 1
Max SRSC GRHRCHX9 Reedy Creeks Maximum Destruction HOF QA2 Justin Hergert 1
Rayne GRHRCH UH Waterproof's Quiet Storm MH Chuck McCall 1
Revi Mad Dash's Cosmic Revolution Bobby Wills 1
Teal Windy City's Early Bird QA2 MH Lyle Steinman 1
TOOMBS HRCH KC’s General of the County MH Clark Kennington 1
Zues Oldsquaw Black As Coal Carter Turner 1