Updated:  10/25/2022 6:08:57 PM
Callname Registered Name Handler Points
Onyx Taylor Farm's Berretta Onyx Stephen Durrence 28
Gus Lucyana's Rock of Ages QA2 Leo Joseph 20
Cash GRHRCH Vickers Counting on Cash QA2 MH Justin Hergert 17
Henry Henry The Ninth QAA Luke Cour 17
Jordon SRSC Bayou-Star Air Stepper QA2 MNR MH Lyle Steinman 15
Hatch SRSC FC Lonestar's Batten Down The Hatches MH Lyle Steinman 15
Champ Lanes Greatest Of All Time-OMG MH QA2 Lyle Steinman 13
Kane GRHRCH Murky Creek's Insane Hurricane MH Justin Hergert 13
Moon Honey brakes hurricane hunter Leo Joseph 12
Mason SRSC GRHRCHx12 Oak Point's Traveling Man HOF MH MNH Stephen Durrence 11
Lobo Lobo de Cruz Stephen Durrence 10
Smokie SRSAC HRCH Razor's Easy Smoking Gun MH Stephen Durrence 10
Bully Lucyana's Bewitched Bullet MH Rody Best 10
Knox GRHRCH NorthForks Napolean of the Slough MH Scott Greer 10
Dre Hiwaters Dr Dre MH Luke Cour 9
Ranger SRSC Baypoint's Shaq Champion Ranger QA2 MH MNH Lyle Steinman 9
Wayne HRCH Thrills Burnin Daylight Clark Kennington 8
Zeus SRSC HRCH Double K's High Voltage Zeus MH QA2 Lyle Steinman 8
Roo HRCH Running on Octane MH Scott Greer 8
Cooper Dude's Performance Enhancing Drug Stephen Durrence 8
Lou Lou Red Crowder Rody Best 7
Poppi GRHRCH Down Da Bayou’s Designated Hitter MH Mark Polkey 6
Reece Some People Call Me The Space Cowboy MH Rody Best 6
Zeppelin Black Dog Gets The Led Out Scott Greer 6
JJ Texas Special Agent 99 MH Rody Best 6
Joe GRHRCHX3 HRCH Plain Ole Joe MH MH Clark Kennington 6
Abby HRCH Cedar Branch's Abigail McPow MH Stephen Durrence 5
Ace Dealer's Choice Ace In the Hole Stephen Durrence 5
Duckie SRSC Castile Creeks Dr Mallard MNR MH Lyle Steinman 5
Goose SRSC Duck.. Duck.. MH Luke Cour 5
Josie HRCH Jovi's Josie Hampton MH Scott Greer 5
Reno HRCH Red Squad's Loverboy MH QA2 Clark Kennington 5
Shooter SRSC GRHRCH SRSC HRCH Seaside's Straight Shooter MH QAA MH Carter Turner 5
Stroker SRSC GRHRCHX7 Weese’s I Be Strokin MH Clark Kennington 5
Quincy Caddo’s Unfinished Business MHR Luke Cour 5
Indy HRCH SRSC Indy's Best Skyline Slider MH Luke Cour 5
Ace Black Devil's Ace in the Hole MH MNH7 JC Strange 4
Banks Bryant’s JP Take it to the Bank Clark Kennington 4
Belle HRCH Bayou Magic's Louisiana Belle MH Chuck McCall 4
Cash SRSC HRCH Make It Rain On The Bayou Steve Riggins 4
Goose Hockley creeks reliever Bobby Wills 4
Joker HRCH Kemp's Fowl Mouth Wild Card Chuck McCall 4
Mo HRCH Mossy Pond's Parting The Water MH QAA Lee Howard 4
Nick TFK's Short Burn Stephen Durrence 4
Red HRCH Coastlines Playing With Fire MH Lee Howard 4
Smoke SRSACC SRSAC HRCH Sweetbriar's Smokin Joe QAA MH Ron Anderson 4
Beau GRHRCHX5 AJTop Chiefs Blessed Beau MH QA2 Nathan Sloan 3
Dude GRHRCH Arkansas Rebel Dog MH Jake Stinson 3
Maize Dared To Dream QA2 MH Clark Kennington 3
Me HRCH Shelbie's it's all about M.E. MH MNR QA2 MH MNH3 Lee Howard 3
Mo Space Cowboy (Maurice) MH Michael Osteen 3
Shooter SRSC GRHRCH SRSC HRCH Seaside's Straight Shooter MH QAA MH Lee Howard 3
Bolt HR's Redlined Knucklehead MH Luke Cour 3
Legend Abbeys Blaze of Glory QA2 MH Bobby Wills 3
Splash AJS Labs Song of the South Lee Howard 3
Buzz HRCH CR's Sting Like A Bee justin hergert 2
Maggie Trumarc's Magz In Action MH Rody Best 2
Pine TFK's Tiger Dude's Black Pine Stephen Durrence 2
Snow HRCH AJS Labs Once Upon A Time MH QAA Lee Howard 2
Tess SRSC GRHRCHX5 Testy Amigos MH Scott Greer 2
Bill GRHRCHX8 UH Ole Mighty Dollar Bill QAA HOF MH Nathan Sloan 1
Elly Elly May Klampett Klar Chuck McCall 1
Georgia GRHRCHX5 Southern Way's Georgia on my Mind QAA MH Justin Hergert 1
Khaleesi Steadfast’s Mother of Dragons QAA Kelsey Brown 1
Max SRSC GRHRCHX9 Reedy Creeks Maximum Destruction HOF QA2 Justin Hergert 1
Rayne GRHRCH UH Waterproof's Quiet Storm MH Chuck McCall 1
Revi Mad Dash's Cosmic Revolution Bobby Wills 1
Teal Windy City's Early Bird QA2 MH Lyle Steinman 1
TOOMBS HRCH KC’s General of the County MH Clark Kennington 1
Zues Oldsquaw Black As Coal Carter Turner 1