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Running Order

North Texas Sporting Spaniel Club COCKER Spaniel Field Trial


Friday January 20, 2023 (AM)(Event# : 2023684702)

Open All-Age-AM Friday January 20, 2023 (12)
1 Monster Mallowdale Monster Dr. Rand Doyle Amelia Greene(P)
2 Livey Triple Pun’s Mad Olivia of Wise River Bob Iversen Bob Iversen
3 Yogie FC Mallowdale Yogie Dr. Rand Doyle Amelia Greene(P)
4 Lanche Wise Rivers Triple Threat of Avalanche Bob Iversen Bob Iversen
5 Alfie Popsheath Alf Dr. Rand Doyle Amelia Greene(P)
6 Harvey Coldwaters Hang On Harvey Bob Iversen Bob Iversen
7 MeauxJeaux George’s Texas MeauxJeaux Chris George Amelia Greene(P)
8 Pun FC Quailmoor Quip Bob Iversen Bob Iversen(A)
9 Stella Friend in Field's Black Magic Woman Dr. Rand Doyle Amelia Greene(P)
10 Leroy Fallen Wings Bad Bad Leroy Brown Kevin Gaddie/Joan Gaddie Kevin Gaddie(A)
11 Trixie FC Absolute's Tricky Dilemma SH Russ Pool Russ Pool(A)/Kevin Gaddie(A)
12 Lenny FC Stonewalker Liza's Lucky Lenny Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Bob Iversen

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