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Running Order

New Jersey Spaniel Field Trial Club COCKER Field Trial Oct 2021 Trial #1


Saturday October 16, 2021 (AM)(Event# : 2021368004)

Open All-Age-AM Saturday October 16, 2021 (17)
1 Finch Flint Hill Finch S Tucker Johnson Richard Whelan(P)
2 Brunie FC Moreven Brunie Ted McCue Ted McCue(P)
3 Sugar Flint Hill Sugar S Tucker Johnson Richard Whelan(P)
4 Jennie Terrybrook Whisper of an Arrow Joseph DeMarkis Joseph DeMarkis(P)
5 Ross Seskin Hill Ross the Boss Tucker Johnson Richard Whelan(P)
6 Emily Katahdin's East Branch Emily Terry Oliver Terry Oliver(A)
7 Naimh Seskin Hill Naimh Rua Jenifer Duke Richard Whelan(P)
8 Winnie FC Rosebriars Little Rumble Ted and Linda McCue Ted McCue(P)
9 Bounce FC Tirbracken's Bounce MH Sally Follansbee Sally Follansbee(A)
10 Flyer Shogun's March Brown Joseph DeMarkis Joseph DeMarkis(P)
11 Sky Seskin Hill Blue Skies Tucker Johnson Richard Whelan(P)
12 Rye FC AFC Katahdin's Catch'er in the Rye Terry Oliver Terry Oliver(A)
13 Inca Flint Hill Inca S Tucker Johnson Richard Whelan(P)
14 Raggy Rosebriar Riga Ted McCue Ted McCue(P)
15 Flynn Flint Hill Flynn Tucker Johnson Richard Whelan(P)
16 Tighe FC Tirbracken Tighe MH Ruth Heston Joe DeMarkis(P)
17 Minnie Flint Hill Minnie S Tucker Johnson Richard Whelan(P)

Amateur All-Age-AM Saturday October 16, 2021 (14)
1 Teddy Absolute’s Forever Teddy SH William Code William Code(A)
2 Dash Oahe Dash Mark Freemyer Mark Freemyer(A)
3 Bell Birkrein Spica JH Sarah Foster Sarah Foster(A)
4 Gigi Farmington Valley’s Lucky Gigi Sally Follansbee Sally Follansbee(A)
5 Badger Pleasant Valley's Badger Harold Wilmerding Harold Wilmerding(A)
6 Toula FC Fallen Wings Toula JH Dawn Smith Dawn Smith(A)
7 Brandy Triple Ridges Brandy Alexander Roy Hart Roy Hart(A)
8 Robbie Triple Ridges Master Robinson Faye Littlewood/Barry Littlewood Faye Littlewood(A)
9 Bull Sankhenak Mamba Chad Chaumont Chad Chaumont(A)
10 Tango Farmington Valley’s Let’s Tango Sally Follansbee Sally Follansbee(A)
11 Bishop FC Hawthorne's Bishop of Avalon SH Sarah Foster Sarah Foster(A)
12 Joy FC Triple Ridges Little Minnie Joy Tammy & Chip Pfeiffer Tammy Pfeiffer(A)
13 Pete FC Winridge's Thunder Storm Harold Wilmerding Harold Wilmerding(A)
14 Kelly Hawthorne's Cheyenne Fred and Alexandra Bradley Patricia Petraglia(A)

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