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Running Order

Spaniel Hunt Test Hosted by Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club


Friday May 21, 2021 (AM)(Event# : 2021116307)

Junior-AM Friday May 21, 2021 (7)
1 Wylie LouterCreek Great Gig In The Sky Poodle(Standard) Rich Louter(P)
2 Finn Lighthouse I'm Your Huckleberry CGC NAJ OA English Springer Spaniel Nancy Weiss
3 Doogan Kirkmarsh Forester Irish Water Spaniel Robert Deihl
4 Paisley Simply Southern’s Cowgirl Dreams RN CGCA TKA UWC Poodle(Miniature) Amy Dittus-Sterner
5 Abby LouterCreek Sweet Emotion JHU WC Poodle(Standard) Rich Louter(P)
6 Nova Lighthouse Bella Nova English Springer Spaniel Nancy Weiss
7 Misty Tudorose Great Anna Stuart the 2nd Poodle(Standard) Antony Newman

Senior-AM Friday May 21, 2021 (10)
1 Driver UH HR MACH Paragon's In The Express Lane UD MHUA SH UWCX MXS MJB WCX HPCX Poodle Jo A Swanto
2 Emmy Northern Emerald Boykin Spaniel Bruce Warnimont
3 Piper RJ Haven's Jackson Brown SHU Poodle(Standard) Julie Buss
4 Whiskey SHR Simply Southern's Double Shot Whiskey SHU UWC Poodle(Standard) Amy Dittus-Sterner
5 Brandy Louter Creek's Play That Song SH SHU WCX Poodle(Standard) Rich Louter(P)
6 Maybe Redlion Oakwind Come What Maybe JH JHU Chesapeake Bay Retriever Jacquelyn Bowman
7 Liza Saracen Firefly FDC DN CGC TKN JHU Irish Water Spaniel Susan Sarracino-Deihl
8 Chewy HR Chewy Chewbacca King WCX UWCX SHU JH Poodle(Standard) Joe Mikolajczak
9 Scout CH BlueMoon's Scout SH Clumber Spaniel Gordie Froman/Roe Froman
10 Pearl J&L’S Pearl Of Port Washington Boykin Spaniel Paul Feldhake

Master-AM Friday May 21, 2021 (8)
1 Tigh Saracen Goldeneye MH English Cocker Spaniel Susan Sarracino-Deihl
2 Clapton CH LouterCreek Wonderful Tonight MHU MHUA SH CA BCAT DN FDC WCX UWC Poodle Rich Louter(P)
3 Shandy CH BlueMoonRysn Summer Shandy RN MH WDX Clumber Spaniel Roe Froman()
4 Talu Meadowlake Talulah from Poodle Sense MH MHU Poodle John Harker(A)
5 Finn Saracen's The Man in Black DJ MH English Cocker Spaniel Susan Sarracino-Deihl
6 Buster Baraboo Valley Buster English Cocker Spaniel Tim Miller
7 Birdie HR Simply Southern's Ladybird the Queen RN BCAT JH SHU UWC WCX UGA Poodle Amy Dittus-Sterner
8 Dunkin Juggernaut Catos Dunkin Breeze MH BCAT CGC TKI WDX English Cocker Spaniel Rosemary LoGiudice(A)

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