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Hunting Retriever Club (HRC) Events

Date Hunt Type Location Status Running Order Results Posted
12/27/2022St Clair Flats HRC 2022 Upland TestHRC8999 Hollow Corners Rd. Almont, MIopen
2/4/2023Pontchartrain Hunting Retriever Club , Inc.- NEW DATESHRCNorco, LApending
2/11/2023Retrievers Unlimited 2023 Quad Upland HuntHRCMulberry Grove, ILpending
2/18/2023Las Vegas HRC Preliminary Hunt (ALL UKC Gun Dog Breeds Welcome)HRCOverton, NVpending
2/18/2023WISILL HRC Upland HuntHRCWaukeshaw, WIpending
2/18/2023WISILL HRC 2023 Quad Upland HuntHRCS36 W29657 Wern Way, Waukesha, WIopen
2/25/2023Deer River 2023 Quad UplandHRCLavinia, TNpending
2/25/2023Bay Area HRC 2023 Spring Hunt TestHRC15252 Bishop Trace, Lillian, ALopen
3/18/2023Four States HRC 2023 30th Anniversary Hunt TestHRC2894 Highway 53, Rosston, ARapproved
3/18/2023Southeast Texas HRC 2023 Spring Hunt TestHRC, pending
4/1/2023Three Rivers HRC 2023 Spring HuntHRCBARTLESVILLE, OKpending
4/1/2023High Flyers HRC - Region 7 - QUAD UPLAND - 2023 APRIL 01 & 02HRC5208 East Lake Rd, Jamestown, PA 16134, PApending
5/6/2023Prado Basin May HRC testHRCChino, CApending
5/6/2023Retrievers Unlimited Spring Hunt test (35th Anniversary)HRC, pending
5/20/2023KANSAS CITY HRC 2023 HUNT TESTHRC, MOpending
5/20/2023Carolina Boykin 2022 Spring HRC Hunt TestHRCCheraw, SCpending
6/3/2023Whistling Wings HRC 2023 Spring Hunt TestHRCMonroe, WApending
7/22/2023Treasure State RCHRCButte, MTpending
8/5/2023Cascade HRC - Whistling Wings HRC 2023 HuntHRCCarnation, WApending
8/5/2023High Flyers HRC - Region 7 - REGULAR HUNT - 2023 AUGUST 05 & 06HRC8601 Tower Rd, Springboro, PA 16435, PApending
2/5/2022Fox River Valley Quad Upland Hunt 2022HRCRichmond, ILclosedView
2/12/2022Three Rivers HRC 2022 Sweetheart Quad UplandHRCBartlesville, OKclosedView
2/12/2022Lonesome Dove HRC 2022 Quad UplandHRCZephyr,, TXclosedView
2/12/2022Cajun HRC 202 1 day Quad Upland HuntHRCWashington, LAclosedView
2/19/2022Wisill HRC 2022 Quad Upland HuntHRCS36W29657 Wern Way, Waukesha, WIclosedView
2/19/2022Midlands HRC Upland Quad HuntHRCThomson, GAclosedView
2/19/2022Colorado River Retriever Club 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRC6402 Humble Camp Rd,, Dickinson, TXclosedView
2/19/2022West Mississippi HRC 2022 Hunt TestHRC5025 Bovina Cutoff Road, Vicksburg, MSclosedView
2/19/2022West Central Ohio HRC 2022 Quad UplandHRC2964 Enterprise Rd, West Alexandria, OHclosedView
2/26/2022Deer River 2022 Quad One Day Upland Hunt Test ***CANCELED***HRC1415 Frye Road, Lavinia, TNclosed
2/26/2022Bay Area HRC 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRC15252 Bishop Trace, Lillian, ALclosedView
2/26/2022Alamo Retriever Club HRC 2022 Spring TestHRCKyle, TXclosedView
2/26/2022Salt Valley HRC 2022 Quad Upland TestHRCBeede Outdoors, NEclosedView
2/26/2022Central Louisiana 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRCMoreauville, LAclosedView
3/5/2022Copper State HRC 2022 Spring HRC Hunt Test **** No Walk Ups ****HRC18970 E Old Sycamore Rd., Mayer, AZclosedView
3/5/2022Felsenthal HRC 2022 Hunt Test **STARTED WALKUPS ONLYHRC2715 US-82, Crossett, ARclosedView
3/5/2022Central Kentucky HRA 2022 Quad Hunt TestHRC4258 Lexington Rd. Winchester, KYclosedView
3/5/2022Ravensway HRC 2022 Spring HuntHRCScurry, TXclosedView
3/5/2022Carolina Boykin Spaniel Retriever Club 2022 Upland QuadHRC8128 County Home Road, NCclosedView
3/12/2022High Flyers HRC 2022 UPLAND Hunt Test ***NO ENTRIES AFTER THE CLOSING DATE***HRC5208 East Lake Rd, Jamestown, PA 16134, PAclosedView
3/12/2022Pin Oak HRC 2022 Spring Hunt Test ** NO WALKUPS IN SEASONED OR FINISHED**HRC1481 Henderson Rd., Carlisle, ARclosedView
3/12/2022Cowtown 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRCRavenna, TX, TXclosedView
3/12/2022West Kentucky HRC Hunt Test **CANCELLED DUE TO EXTREME WEATHER**HRC10535 Ogden Landing Rd, Kevil, KYclosed
3/12/2022Middle Georgia HRC - 2022 SpringHRCDublin, GAclosedView
3/12/2022Dakota HRC 2022 Upland Hunt TestHRCHumboldt, SDclosedView
3/12/2022Cajun HRC 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRCGueydan, LAclosedView
3/12/2022Central Texas Retriever Club's 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRCGiddings, TXclosedView
3/19/2022Hurricane Lake HRC 2022 Spring Hunt Test **NEW LOCATION**HRC34.88128 N 91.08064 W, ARclosedView
3/19/2022Southern Flight HRC Spring 2022 Hunt Test with Chili + Dessert ContestHRCGrenada, MSclosedView
3/19/2022Amite River HRC 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRCEthel, LAclosedView
3/19/2022Platte Valley HRC Upland Quad TestHRCFort Lupton, COclosedView
3/19/2022Southeast Texas HRC 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRCAnahuac, TXclosedView
3/26/2022Deer River 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRC1415 Frye Rd., Lavinia, TNclosedViewView
3/26/2022Lone Star HRC 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRC2005 East Hwy 56, Bonham, TXclosedView
3/26/2022Great Lakes HRC Quad Upland Hunt TestHRCNunica, MIclosedView
3/26/2022South Arkansas 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRC258 Old Burton Gin Road, El Dorado, ARclosedView
4/2/2022Southern Colorado Hunting Retriever Club (No Walk Up Entries)HRCWalsenburg, COclosedViewView
4/2/2022Western States Boykin Spaniel Club Preliminary Hunt (ALL UKC GUN DOG BREEDS WELCOME!)HRCChino, CAclosedView
4/2/2022Three Rivers HRC 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRCBARTLESVILLE, OKclosedView
4/2/2022North Louisiana HRC 2022 Springl Hunt TestHRC147 Dugdale Farms, Choudrant, LAclosedView
4/9/2022Retrievers Unlimited HRC Spring 2022HRCNew Athens, ILclosedView
4/9/2022Ohio River HRC 2022 Hunt TestHRCVevay, INclosedView
4/9/2022Backwoods HRC 2022 Spring Hunt Test ***NO WALKUPS ALLOWED***HRC279 Sporting Dog Trail, Cheraw, SCclosedView
4/9/2022Northeast Texas HRC 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRC9754 County Rd 485, Mt. Enterprise, TXclosedView
4/9/2022Etowah Hunting Retriever Club 2022 Spring TestHRCRome, GAclosedView
4/9/2022South Hills HRC 2022 Preliminary and Licensed Hunt TestHRCHagerman, IDclosedView
4/9/2022Southwest Missouri HRC 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRC5337 State Highway JJ, Morrisville, MOclosedView
4/9/2022Cascade HRC 2022 Regular and Upland Hunt TestHRC15930 State Route 2, Snohomish, WAclosedView
4/9/2022Coastal Empire HRC 2022 Spring TestHRCTwin City, GAclosedView
4/9/2022Central Alabama 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRC12660 State Highway 129 Brilliant, ALclosedView
4/16/2022Lake Audrey HRC of SJ 2022 HRC Hunt TestHRCBridgeton, NJclosedView
4/23/2022Roadrunner HRC 2022 Regular HuntHRCCommunity of Navajo Dam, NMclosedView
4/23/2022Tri-State HRC 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRC11344 Millersburg Rd, Evansville, INclosedView
4/23/20224th Annual Carol Ford Memorial FUN HuntHRCFenwick, MIclosedView
4/30/2022Long Island Retriever Field Trial Club Spring HRC Hunt TestHRCManorville, NYclosedView
4/30/2022Platte Valley HRC 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRCSnyder, COclosedViewView
5/7/2022Music City HRC 2022 Spring TestHRCOld Jones Mills Rd. LA Vergne, TNclosedView
5/14/2022Prado Basin HRC May HRC testHRCHRC test Chino, CAclosedView
5/14/2022Bitterroot Valley Retriever Club 2022 Quad Upland Hunt **CANCELED LOW ENTRIES**HRCMissoula, MTclosed
5/14/2022Great Plains HRC 2022 Spring Hunt Test ***No Walk Up Entries***HRCWood River, NEclosedView
5/14/2022Gun Creek HRC Spring Hunt 2022HRCKevil, KYclosedView
5/14/2022Lonesome Dove HRC Spring Hunt Test 2022HRCGraham,, TXclosedView
5/14/2022St Clair Flats HRC 2022 Hunt Test **NO WALKUPS**HRC60619 Werderman Rd, New Haven, MIclosedView
5/14/2022Conowingo HRC Spring Hunt TestHRCPort Deposit, MDclosedView
5/21/2022KANSAS CITY HRC 2022 HUNT TEST ***LIMITED WALKUPS with FEE***HRCLacygne, KSclosedView
5/21/2022Illinois River HRC Spring Hunt Test 2022HRCBanner, ILclosedView
5/21/2022Four States HRC 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRC2894 Highway 53, Rosston, ARclosedView
5/21/2022Central Kentucky HRA 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRC638 Dreyfus Rd Berea, KYclosedView
5/21/2022Granite State HRC 2022 Hunt TestHRCLittle Frost Road, Hopkinton, NHclosedView
5/21/2022Great Lakes HRC 2022 Spring HuntHRCFenwick, MIclosedView
5/28/2022Kankakee River 2022 Spring HuntHRC21690 Clay Street (AKA Range Line Road), Hebron, INclosedView
5/28/2022GUNS UP HRC 2022 - Spring Regular & Upland HuntHRCBetween 1177 & 1236 Hinckley Rd., Clinton,, MEclosedView
5/28/2022West Louisiana HRC 2022 Spring Hunt Test **NO WALKUPS ALLOWED**HRC8841 Hwy 8, Slagle, LAclosedView
6/4/2022GREEN COUNTRY RC SPRING HT 2022HRCMiami, OKclosedView
6/4/2022Mt Rushmore HRC 2022 Hunt TestHRCCuster, SDclosedView
6/4/2022YANKEE WATERFOWLERS 2022 HRC REGULAR HUNTHRC72 Castle Rock Rd, Woodstock, CTclosedView
6/4/2022River Valley Hunting Retriever Club 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRCMazomanie, WIclosedViewView
6/4/2022Hoosier HRC 2022 Hunt TestHRCCoatesville, INclosedView
6/4/2022Atlantic Flyway Retriever Club 2022 HRC Hunt TestHRCEmporia, VAclosedView
6/4/2022Michigan & Central Michigan's HRC 2022 Hunt TestsHRC4201 Fausset Rd., Howell, MIclosedView
6/4/2022Whistling Wings HRC 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRCMonroe, WAclosedView
6/4/2022Deer River HRC 2022 Summer Hunt TestHRCLavinia, TNclosedView
6/18/2022Northern Montezuma HRC June 2022 Hunt TestHRCMexico, NYclosedView
6/18/2022Salt Valley HRC 2022 Bob Oglevie Memorial Hunt Test *No Walk Ups*HRCSyracuse, NEclosedView
6/18/2022West Kentucky HRCHRCKevil, KYclosedViewView
6/18/2022Flint Oak Labrador Retriever ClubHRCFall River, KSclosedViewView
6/18/2022Duck Factory HRC 2022HRCMenoken, NDclosedView
6/23/2022Lower Columbia HRC 2022 Hunt TestHRCReeder Rd., Portland, ORclosedView
6/25/2022WISILL HRC 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRCKansasville, WI 53139, WIclosedView
6/25/2022Marsh and Meadows HRC 2022 Regular Hunt TestHRCSauk Rapids, MNclosedView
6/25/2022Hidden Pines HRC 2022HRCCheyenne, WYclosedViewView
6/25/2022Hudson Highland HRA 2022 Preliminary & Licensed Hunt TestHRCBarron Road entrance south of 17K (Test HQ) , Montgomery, NYclosedView
7/9/2022Newaukum River Retriever Club Preliminary & Licensed Hunt TestHRCCentralia, WAclosedView
7/9/2022Tennessee River HRC 2022 Hunt TestHRC1511 Cook Rd Halls, TNclosedView
7/9/2022Prairie Lakes HRC 2022 Hunt TestHRC45427 150th St, Morris, MNclosedView
7/9/2022Boom Town Hunting Retriever Club Summer TestCOPYHRC18455 State Hwy 220 Casper, WYclosedViewView
7/16/2022Bitterroot Valley Retriever Club Hunt TestHRCSt. Ignatius, MTclosedView
7/16/2022Land of Lakes HRC 2022 Jim Bowden Memorial Hunt TestHRC15710 Manning Avenue, Marine on the St Croix, MNclosedView
7/23/2022Treasure State RC - No Walk ups in Seasoned or FinishedHRCButte, MTclosedViewView
7/23/2022Dakota HRC Back-2-Back Regular Hunt Test 2022HRC26206 459th Ave, Hartford, SDclosedView
7/23/2022Mississippi Valley HRC 2022 Hunt TestHRC510 N Cody Rd. McCausland,, IAclosedView
7/24/2022Granite State 2022 Quad Upland *** Canceled ***HRCLittle Frost Rd, Hopkinton, NHclosed
7/30/2022Montana Retriever Club 2022 Regular HuntHRCBillings, MTclosedView
8/6/2022High Flyers HRC 2022 Regular Hunt TestHRC8601 Tower Rd, Springboro, PA 16435, PAclosedView
8/6/2022Muddy Waters Annual Hunt TestHRCJunction City, WIclosedViewView
8/6/2022Platte Valley HRC 2022 Fall Hunt TestHRCCrook, COclosedView
8/6/2022St Clair Flats HRC 2022 Summer Hunt TestHRC60619 Werderman Rd, New Haven, MIclosedView
8/13/2022Mississippi Headwaters Hunting Retriever ClubHRCSolway, MNclosedView
8/13/20222022 Key City HRC regular hunt testHRCMaquoketa, IAclosedViewView
8/13/2022Southern Michigan 25th Anniversary Hunt Test **NO WALKUPS**HRC, MIclosedView
8/13/2022Central Louisiana 2022 Fall Hunt TestHRCMoreauville, LAclosedView
8/20/2022Central Alabama 2022 Spring Hunt TestHRC12660 State Highway 129 Brilliant, ALclosedView
8/20/2022Sandusky Bay HRC 2022 Hunt TestHRC12055 W. Toussaint North Rd, Oak Harbor, OHclosedView
8/20/2022Cascade HRC - Whistling Wings HRC 2022 Hunt TestHRCCarnation, WAclosedView
8/20/2022Jim River HRC 2022 Licensed Regular HuntHRC8335 US-10; Glyndon, MNclosedView
8/20/2022WISILL / Badger HRC 2022 Fall Hunt TestHRCKansasville, WIclosedView
8/20/2022Lake Audrey HRC of SJ August HuntHRCHammonton NJ 08037, NJclosedView
8/27/2022Northern Montezuma August 2022 Hunt TestHRCMexico, NYclosedView
8/27/2022Elkhorn Valley HRC 2022 Regular Hunt Test ** NEW TEST/CHECK-IN LOCATIONS**HRCNorfolk, NEclosedView
8/27/2022Hurricane Lake HRC 2022 Summer Hunt TestHRC450 Smith Rd., Searcy, ARclosedView
8/27/2022Arrowhead HRC 2022 Hunt TestHRCMt. Iron, MNclosedView
8/27/2022Music City HRC 2022 Summer Hunt TestHRCOld Jones Mills Rd. LA Vergne, TNclosedView
9/3/2022Northeast WA GDC HRC Summer 2022 *Wanting to add 2nd flight**HRCChewelah, WAclosedViewView
9/10/2022Saco River Hunting and RetrieverHRCBuxton, MEclosedView
9/10/2022Four States HRC 2022 Fall Hunt TestHRC2894 Highway 53, Rosston, ARclosedView
9/10/2022North Georgia Hunt Test Fall 2022HRCMartin, GAclosedView
9/10/2022Gun Creek HRC Fall Hunt 2022HRCKevil, KYclosedView
9/10/2022SBDA HRC Summer 2022 Hunt Test - NEW CAMPING INFORMATIONHRCChewelah, WAclosedViewView
9/17/2022Fox River Valley HRC Fall Hunt 2022HRCRichmond, ILclosedView
9/17/2022Long Island Retriever Field Trial Club Quad Upland Tests 2022HRCManorville, NYclosedView
9/17/2022North Louisiana Hunting Retriever Club Fall Hunt TestHRCChoudrant, LA, 0closedView
9/17/2022Ohio HRC 2022 Hunt TestHRC03 371 Road S, Pioneer, OHclosedView
9/17/2022Pin Oak HRC 2022 Fall Hunt TestHRCCorner of Highway 89 & Clinton Rd., Mayflower, ARclosedView
9/17/2022South Hills HRC Fall TestHRCNyssa, ORclosedView
9/24/2022Three Rivers HRC 2022 Fall Hunt TestHRCBARTLESVILLE, OKclosedView
9/24/2022Midway HRC 2022 Fall Hunt TestHRC28389 Hwy D, Marceline, MOclosedView
9/24/2022Inducky HRC 2022 Hunt TestHRCGhent, KYclosedView
9/24/2022South Arkansas 2022 Fall Hunt TestHRC258 Old Burton Gin Road, El Dorado, ARclosedView
9/24/2022Granite State 2022 Quad UplandHRCLittle Frost Rd, Hopkinton, NHclosedView
10/1/2022Charleston Retriever Club 2022 Fall Hunt **HUNT CANCELED DUE TO HURRICANE IAN**HRC1217 Moree Rd, Society Hill, SCclosed
10/1/2022Deer River HRC 2022 Fall Hunt Test 20th AnniversaryHRCLavinia, TNclosedView
10/1/2022Northeast Texas HRC 2022 Fall Hunt TestHRC183 PR 2220 Ore City, TXclosedView
10/1/2022Gateway Retrievers Fall 2022 Hunt TestHRC2360 D St, St. Charles, MOclosedView
10/1/2022Amite River HRC Fall 2022 Hunt TestHRCSt. Francisville, LAclosedView
10/8/2022Coastal Empire HRC 2022 Spring TestHRC3099 Mayberry Rd, Patterson, GAclosedView
10/8/2022Retrievers Unlimited Fall Hunt TestHRCNew Athens, ILclosedView
10/8/2022High Flyers HRC Fall 2022 QUAD UPLANDHRC5208 East Lake Rd, Jamestown, PA 16134, PAclosedViewView
10/8/2022Central Texas Retriever Club 2022 Fall Hunt TestHRCGiddings, TXclosedView
10/8/2022Big D HRC Fall 2022 Hunt Test “CHANGED TO 12 DOGS PER HANDLER”HRCCollinsville, TXclosedView
10/8/2022Cajun HRC 2022 Fall Hunt TestHRCGueydan, LAclosedView
10/8/2022Etowah Hunting Retriever ClubHRCRome, GAclosedView
10/8/2022Tennessee River HRC 2022 Fall Hunt TestHRCUnion City, TNclosedView
10/15/2022SUNFLOWER RETRIEVER CLUB HRC FALL 2022HRCPretty Prairie, KSclosedView
10/15/2022MidSouth Boykin Spaniel Retriever Club 2022 HRC Hunt TestHRCSection, ALclosedView
10/15/2022Cherokee Foothills HRC 2022HRC600 West Grumling Rd, Hodges, SCclosedView
10/15/2022Conowingo 2022 Fall Hunt TestHRCPort Deposit, MDclosedView
10/15/2022Lake Charles HRC 2022 Fall Hunt TestHRC10052 Gulf Hwy-Lake Charles, LAclosedView
10/22/2022Colorado River Retriever Club 2022 Fall HRC Hunt Test **CHANGE IN CHECK IN LOCATION**HRCHitchcock, TXclosedView
10/29/2022Midlands HRC Fall 2022HRCLincolnton, GAclosedView
11/5/2022West Kentucky HRC 2022 Fall Hunt TestHRC10535 Ogden Landing Rd, Kevil, KYclosedViewView
11/12/2022Middle Georgia HRC - 2022 FallHRCDublin, GAclosedView
11/19/2022Lone Star HRC 2022 Quad Upland TestHRC20495 N State Hwy 34, Terrell, TXclosedView
12/3/2022Dogtown Retriever Club - Fall 2022HRCSylvania, GAclosedView

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