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North Texas Sporting Spaniel Club COCKER Spaniel Field Trial

Friday January 20, 2023 (AM)(Event# : 2023684702)

Open All-Age-AM Friday January 20, 2023 (12)
Pun FC Quailmoor Quip Bob Iversen Bob Iversen(A)
Monster Mallowdale Monster Dr. Rand Doyle Amelia Greene(P)
MeauxJeaux George’s Texas MeauxJeaux Chris George Amelia Greene(P)
Yogie FC Mallowdale Yogie Dr. Rand Doyle Amelia Greene(P)
Harvey Coldwaters Hang On Harvey Bob Iversen Bob Iversen
Lanche Wise Rivers Triple Threat of Avalanche Bob Iversen Bob Iversen
Livey Triple Pun’s Mad Olivia of Wise River Bob Iversen Bob Iversen
Leroy Fallen Wings Bad Bad Leroy Brown Kevin Gaddie/Joan Gaddie Kevin Gaddie(A)
Alfie Popsheath Alf Dr. Rand Doyle Amelia Greene(P)
Stella Friend in Field's Black Magic Woman Dr. Rand Doyle Amelia Greene(P)
Trixie FC Absolute's Tricky Dilemma SH Russ Pool Russ Pool(A)/Kevin Gaddie(A)
Lenny FC Stonewalker Liza's Lucky Lenny Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Bob Iversen

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