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National Amateur Championship 2021-ESS

Monday November 15, 2021 (AM)(Event# : 2021166427)

National Amateur Championship-AM Monday November 15, 2021 (100)
Niles FC AFC Sunrise Mountain Knight MH Roger Schenone Roger Schenone(A)
Badger FC AFC CFC Pheasant Feathers Cove Creek Badger MH John Dunn/Mona Dunn John Dunn(A)
Rose Pheasant Feathers Briars and Roses John Dunn/Mona Dunn John Dunn(A)
Solo NFC FC AFC Rockey's Solo Chuck Cloninger Chuck Cloninger(A)
Bentley AFC Lighthouse Classy Chassis Gunther and Barbara Boettcher Gunther Boettcher(A)
Dots FC AFC Mojo's Joey Two Dots Michael Nolan Michael Nolan(A)
Ollie FC AFC Mojo's Wildwings Oligos Michael Nolan Michael Nolan(A)
Annie FC AFC FTCH Coldwaters Supernatural Jeanne Nabity Jeanne Nabity(A)
Ted AFC Willowsaul Batman of Countryways Tom Nabity/Jeanne Nabity Tom Nabity(A)/Jeanne Nabity(A)
Blue FC AFC Hearthrock's BB's in the Puckerbrush Vern Knapp Vern Knapp(A)
Boogie FC AFC Hillcountry Johnny B. Goode Fred Musone Fred Musone(A)
Chief FC FlatWater Chief of Hearthrock MH Cristy Joy Cristy Joy(A)
Tess AFC Sunrise Tesoro MH Cristy Joy Cristy Joy(A)
Zan AFC Sunrise Zan MH Cristy Joy Cristy Joy(A)
Bailey FC AFC Sunrise Uncle Bailey JH Camie Barrow Camie Barrow/David Huntress
Geordie FC AFC Geordie Lad MH Kathleen & Peter Renwick Peter Renwick(A)
Rex AFC Carpe Avem - Rex Peter Renwick/Kathleen Renwick Peter Renwick(A)
Jake FC Sunrise Dreamcatcher John Hynes John Hynes(A)
Brody Wind River Brody Tom Nabity/Jeanne Nabity Tom Nabity
Briar FC NAFC FTCH AFTCH Thistle's Brambles and Briars MH Jeffrey Cubitt Jeffrey Cubitt(A)
Weyland AFC Pheasant Feathers Merlin's Magic Weyland MH Jennifer Betar/John Betar Jeb Betar(A)
Wilson AFC Lake Holms T-K Express MH Bob Davis Bob Davis(A)
Ace Hearthrock Ace High Charles Roberts Charles Roberts(A)/Mike Nolan(A)
June Pheasant Feathers Precious Pearl Ann Theisen Joel Theisen(A)
Juneau FC AFC CFC Juneau's Gypsy Girl Joel and Ann Theisen Joel Theisen(A)
Ronin Newstarts Northern Ninja Ann Theisen Joel Theisen(A)
Colt Whisky River Guns On The Table Roger Wilson Roger Wilson(A)
Ash AFC Eightwalks Ash Joseph Barnett Joseph Barnett(A)
Hawk Strong's Hawkeye John Neubaum/Ron Charles John Neubaum(A)
Ridley Crosswinds Camelot Redux Kevin and Elizabeth Battistoni Kevin Battistoni(A)
Gretel Pheasant Feathers Gretel Gregory Agoston Gregory Agoston(A)
BB Sunrise BB Tony Sworsky Tony Sworsky
Cora AFC AFTCH Olive Ridge Coraline MH Justin Smith Justin Smith()/Wendy Smith
Ella Olive Ridge Eloise Justin Smith Justin Smith()/Wendy Smith
Blue Jaegercourt's Faithful Brewser Jeffrey Miller Jeffrey Miller(A)
Cora Cutaways Hard to Coral Diane Schindler Brad Schindler(A)
Maxx Absolute's Brutus Maximus Bob Davis Bob Davis(A)
Gus Gustav Wilhelm Richard Wilhelm Richard Wilhelm(A)
Diggs AFC Traditional Looking for more Paul Johannes Paul Johannes(A)
Kernel Traditional Poppy Corn Paul Johannes Paul Johannes(A)
Blaze Autumn's Blaze of J-Mar James Schnupp James Schnupp(A)
Rags AFC Prairierose's King Ragnar Kevin Martineau Kevin Martineau(A)
Elle AFC From Wine Country Came A Belle Called Elle Eric Hammer Eric Hammer(A)
Maple Jaegercourt's Maple Eric Hammer Eric Hammer(A)
Preacher AFC Birdflush's Outlaw Josey Wales JH Donna Young/Alan Young Alan Young/Donna Young
Sister AFC Birdflush's Sportin' a Habit SH Donna Young/Alan Young Alan Young(A)
Rudy Sunrise Burrfield's Rudolph Mike Walsh Mike Walsh(A)
Spirit FC AFC Indian Spring's Free Spirit Barbara Schaefer Barbara Schaefer(A)
Whitey Mojo's Most Wanted Daniel Kosewski Daniel Kosewski(A)/Michael Nolan(A)
Logan FC AFC Sunrise Lord Logan Suzanne Smith Suzanne Smith(A)
Freddy NAFC Harvest Moon's Freddy of Ludlow Dick Taylor Dick Taylor()
Anna Drake Hill Anna SH William McFeely William McFeely(A)
Riot NFC CNAFTCH FC AFC CAFTCH Crosswinds Comic Relief Betsey Battistoni Elizabeth Battistoni
Amos AFC Heritage of Scantic River Famous Amos MH Rocco Iasparra Rocco Iasparra
Quinn AFC Sunrise Quinault Of Farview Kathy Sleavin Kathy Sleavin(A)
Riley Goodlife Riley of Farview Skip Smith Skip Smith(A)
Sykes Sunrise Sykes of Farview Kathy Sleavin/Skip Smith Skip Smith(A)
Zach FC AFC Sunrise Zach of Farview Frederick Smith Skip Smith(A)
Rise Auroras Rise of Sirius Ted Lagala Ted Lagala(A)
Sky Aurora's Skyfall Warrior Ted Lagala Ted Lagala(A)
Ava AFC Pheasant Feathers Canadian Breeze Jerry Barrett Jerry Barrett(A)
Fancy FC AFC Hillcountry Hot Feet Jerry Barrett Jerry Barrett(A)
Gabby Drake Hill Gabby Rose MH Peter Murray Peter Murray
Pip NFC FC AFC CAFC Coals Creek Practically Perfect Michael Elsasser Mike Elsasser(A)
Cody AFC Spring Meadows Cody Christian Jensen Christian Jensen
Sage FC AFC Spring Meadows Jr Regent Sage Christian Jensen Christian Jensen
Tara FC AFC Spring Meadow's Tara Of Mountain View Christian Jensen Christian Jensen
Roxy Coldwaters Roxy Music Peter Andersen Peter Andersen(A)
Paddy Rinn Seimhne Patrick Paddy Paul Noyce Paul Noyce(A)
Tana Stonequoins Big Sky Solitude Rick Schneider Rick Schneider(A)
Cheq AFC Pheasant Feathers Oh So Sharp Dean Reinke/Catherine Lewis Dean Reinke(A)
Fire Coldwater's On Fire Catherine Lewis/Dean Reinke Dean Reinke(A)
Flip Fowlco’s Flippin’ the Bird Catherine Lewis/Dean Reinke Catherine Lewis(A)
Rockie Salmy Rock Candy Bounce Catherine Lewis/Dean Reinke Catherine Lewis(A)
Gus AFC Apple Creeks Gus Jeff Ramthun Jeff Ramthun(A)
Lad Goshen's Top Shelf Bob Merrill Bob Merrill(A)
Sully FC AFC FTCh AFTCh Narvin’s Sully of Ivanhoe William Cosgrove William Cosgrove(A)
Tuffy FC AFC AFTCh Tuff of Ivanhoe William Cosgrove William Cosgrove(A)
Baron Big Meadow Black Baron Thomas Nichols Thomas Nichols(A)
Storm Big Meadow Bear Paw Thomas Nichols/Daryl Roth Thomas Nichols(A)
Griffin FC AFC Gristmill Griffin of Drake Hill Patrick Berry Patrick Berry(A)
Keller FC Drake Hill Willem's Choice MH Patrick Berry Patrick Berry(A)
Cooper Blackbrier’s Charred Oak Barrel Michael Pollack Michael Pollack(A)
Emmie Blackbrier’s Emerald Isle Absolut Michael Pollack/William Marenich Michael Pollack(A)
Mahttie AFC CAFC Blackbrier’s Makers Mark Manhattan Michael Pollack Michael Pollack(A)
Sazz Blackbrier’s Sazarac Michael Pollack Michael Pollack(A)
Sam AFC Royal's Samantha II Lea Ames Lea Ames(A)
Jones AFC Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. Beast Rick Shively/Carol Shively Rick Shively(A)
Doc Blue Towers High Voltage Phil Lincoln/Jennifer Lincoln Phil Lincoln(A)
Kate River Rocks Big Nose Kate Phil Lincoln/Jennifer Lincoln Phil Lincoln(A)
Rosie Dizmar Rosie George Kittle George Kittle(A)
Binnie Pondview Binnie of Rinnseimhne Alex Cacchio Alex Cacchio(A)
Codi AFC Sir Dakota of Flushington MH Jason Nard Jason Nard(A)
Shiloh FC Triple Ridges Shiloh-Cooper Luis Alvarado Luis Alvarado(A)
Sapphire FC AFC CFC Pheasant Feathers Black Sapphire of Marymont Seth Montler Robert Montler(A)
Lizzie FC AFC Pheasant Feather Marymont's Elizabeth Keen Robert Montler Robert Montler(A)
Saber FC AFC Pheasant Feathers Cutting Edge of Marymont Robert Montler Robert Montler(A)
Petals AFC Pheasant Feathers Blossom of Marymont Alyssa Montler Robert Montler(A)
Penny Triple Ridges Black Pearl Luis Alvarado Luis Alvarado(A)
Baker Narvin SB Baker of Blackbrier Michael Pollack Michael Pollack(A)

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