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Pawnee FSC FT ESS Field Trial #1

Thursday September 23, 2021 (AM)(Event# : 2021696701)

Open All-Age-AM Thursday September 23, 2021 (22)
Ace AFC BCR's Ramblin Gamblin Man Robert Clayton Robert Clayton(A)
Rose BCR's Welcome To The Jungle Robert Clayton Robert Clayton(A)
Tie AFC BCR's Sharp Dressed Man Robert Clayton Robert Clayton(A)
Rock Rulo's The Rock Mike McGinty Mike McGinty(A)
Wyatt Harvest Moon's Gunslinger Mike McGinty Mike McGinty(A)
Bandit Desperado Jesse James Rick Shively/Carol Shively Rick Shively(A)
Jones Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. Beast Rick Shively/Carol Shively Rick Shively(A)
Preacher AFC Birdflush's Outlaw Josey Wales JH Donna Young/Alan Young Dan Murray(P)/Alan Young(A)
Lulu Windrifts What a Lulu Chad Betts Ray C Hankins(A)
Cedar FC Norstrans Frontenac Elizabeth Smith/Scott Smith Dan Murray/Scott Smith
Belle FC Blackbrier's Belle Pepper Dan Murray Dan Murray(P)
Annie FC AFC Absolute's Raise The Stakes Dan Murray/Mathias Bauer Dan Murray(P)
Autumn Absolute's Leaves of Autumn Don Banducci Dan Murray(P)
Baron FC Bears Paw Baron Sue Neville Dan Murray(P)
Scout FC Harvest Moon's Upland Explorer John Alstad/Daniel Murray Dan Murray(P)
Tiger Dragon Rider Tiger Christopher Wilkinson Dan Murray(P)
Spoon Salmy’s Spoonful of Sugar of NAWOC Ben Cowan Dan Murray(P)
Maxx Absolute's Brutus Maximus Robert Davis Dan Murray(P)
T Bone Sunrise Well Done T Bone Kevin Noon Kevin Noon(A)
Tru FC Absolute’s Breaking Cattails Pick Me Jayne Reinhart, Tracie Wilson Dan Murray
Rayne Absolute's Breaking Cattails Settle My Dust Tracie Wilson & Jayne Reinhart Dan Murray
Ted AFC Willowsaul Batman of Countryways Tom Nabity/Jeanne Nabity Tom Nabity

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