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Northeast Wisconsin Spaniel Club Field Trial 2021

Saturday September 25, 2021 (AM)(Event# : 2021368101)
Sunday September 26, 2021 (AM)(Event# : 2021368101)

Open All-Age-AM Saturday September 25, 2021 (23)
Nick AFC Lighthouse Is He Easy David Smith David Smith(A)
Pants Crosswinds Watch This Elizabeth Battistoni Todd Agnew
Mick AFC Mick Diamond's Ring of Roosters MH Elden Benters Elden Benters(A)
Andie Treba's Ambicious Andie Mary Treba Todd Stelzer
Ava AFC Pheasant Feathers Canadian Breeze Jerry Barrett Jerry Barrett(A)
Dibbs FC AFC Warrener's Sora Rail of Craney Hill Scott McKillip Todd Agnew(P)
Brody Wind River Brody Tom Nabity/Jeanne Nabity Todd Agnew(P)
Aaron Gadhar Gunna's Granddaddy's Gun Roxanne Fegley Jason Givens(P)
Blake Belwind Drink On It Keith Ruby Jason Givens(P)
Cheese Narvin's Smile Jason Givens Jason Givens(P)/Kaye Wyn(P)
Chick Cedar Creek Chick Bob Sommers Jason Givens(P)
Suzy Rockey Lighthouse She Sells Sea Shells Jason Givens Jason Givens(P)
Timber Lighthouse Northwoods Timberdoodle Dawn & Steve Orlebeke Jason Givens(P)
Bella Lady Bella of Norton Ryan Kistner Todd Stelzer(P)
Booker Whisky Rivers Little Book Wes Roessler Todd Stelzer(P)
Maverick Whisky Rivers Maverick Todd Stelzer Todd Stelzer(P)
Ryelee Whisky Rivers Shot of Rye Scot Barton Todd Stelzer(P)
Skye Whisky River Isle of Skye Scot Barton Todd Stelzer(P)
Cheq AFC Pheasant Feathers Oh So Sharp Dean Reinke/Catherine Lewis Dean Reinke(A)
Fire Coldwater's On Fire Catherine Lewis/Dean Reinke Dean Reinke(A)
Gus AFC Apple Creeks Gus Jeff Ramthun Jeff Ramthun
Katnis Salmy's Catching Fire John Meyer John Meyer(A)
Pistol AFC Salmys Second Ammendment John Meyer John Meyer(A)

Amateur All-Age-AM Saturday September 25, 2021 (30)
Solo NFC FC AFC Rockey's Solo Chuck Cloninger Chuck Cloninger(A)
Jeepers Winterwind Ringneck Wrangler MH Jill Miller Jill Miller(A)
Ticktock Winterwind Hie Time Jill Miller Jill Miller(A)
Zoey Sand Dunes Zoey David Smith David Smith(A)
Luna Sandbluffs Bella Luna Dennis Santini Dennis Santini(A)
Bonnie Wind River's She's a Bonnie Lass Louise Stewart Louise Stewart(A)
Gracie FC Pheasant Feathers Game Changer Keith Ruby Keith Ruby(A)
Braker Z&Z’s Code Breaker of Craney Hill Susan Willingham Susan Willingham(A)
Tana Stonequoins Big Sky Solitude Rick Schneider Rick Schneider(A)
Spree Lighthouse L'Esprit De La Nuit Mark Moore Mark Moore()
Kota FC Whiskey Winds Minnkota Michelle Hanson Kory Fredrickson(A)
Tessa Sunrise Daddy's Girl Kory Fredrickson Kory Fredrickson(A)
Jackson Coldwater's Action Jackson Jim Wacker Jim Wacker()
Colt Whisky River Guns On The Table Roger Wilson Roger Wilson(A)
Roxy Coldwaters Roxy Music Peter Andersen Peter Andersen(A)
Trip FC AFC Leeds Ride The Wind Bob Merrill Bob Merrill(A)
Lad Goshen's Top Shelf Bob Merrill Bob Merrill(A)
Waylon Breaking Cattails Just'a Good Ol' Boy Ryan Grauf Ryan Grauf
Ryder Blackbrier’s Spellbound Ryan Grauf Ryan Grauf
Fancy FC Hillcountry Hot Feet Jerry Barrett Jerry Barrett(A)
Rush HR Rushmore M. Jack Domingo M. Jack Domingo(A)
Coda Winterwind Coda Robert Sansom Robert Sansom(A)
Chipper Lighthouse Take It Easy Kevin McGlin Kevin McGlin(A)
Tess Lighthouse Retrieving Proudly Tess MH Troy Gawronski Troy Gawronski(A)
Lenore Sandbluffs Lenore Mike Keough Mike Keough(A)
Tyra Pheasant Feathers Too Darn Hot Jeff Ramthun Jeff Ramthun
Gus FC Cadiz Country's Courtman Will Pick Will Pick(A)
Levi Cadiz Country's it's in his Genes Will Pick Will Pick(A)
Bart Harvest Moon's Black Bart Dean Koehler/Lori Koehler Dean Koehler(A)
Cooper Newberg Coopinator SH MH Mike Sakis Mike Sakis(A)

Puppy-AM Sunday September 26, 2021 (7)
Turbo Turbo's Lighthouse Reflections Emily Bauman Emily Bauman
Kirby Lighthouse Kirby Of The Present Zara Labrenz Zara Labrenz()
Willow Grouse Ridge Dreamcatcher Michael Brittnacher Michael Brittnacher(A)
River Keats River Keats Booth Tanner Both Todd Agnew(P)
Vader Lighthouse N Whirlwyn The Chosen One Kaye Wyn Kaye Wyn(P)/Jason Givens(P)
Jiggs Jigger of Whisky Rivers Finest Jiggs Van Welke Todd Stelzer(P)
Porter Blue River's Proper Pint Dean Koehler Dean Koehler(A)

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