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Stillwater Valley ESSC 2021 Spring ESS Field Trial (New Dates)

Saturday March 20, 2021 (AM)(Event# : 2021369001)
Sunday March 21, 2021 (AM)(Event# : 2021369001)

Open All-Age-AM Saturday March 20, 2021 (30)
Babe Doorcreek It's All About Me Chuck Nelson Chuck Nelson
Snap FC AFC Doorcreek Double Snap Adeline Schumacher Chuck Nelson
Alice Craney Hill Closed On Thanksgiving Donnie Jordan Todd Agnew
Brody Wind River Brody Tom Nabity/Jeanne Nabity Todd Agnew
Pants Crosswinds Watch This Elizabeth Battistoni Todd Agnew
Ben Greybriars’s Prairie Blaze Jeff Beelman Jeff Beelman
Boaz Doorcreek Boaz Chuck Nelson Chuck Nelson
Opie Sunrise Opie Jeff Brooks Jeff Brooks(P)
Arrow FC Willa's Run Astrid's Arrow Kevin Klasing Jeff Brooks
Dora Willa’s Run Here Comes Dora Kevin Klasing Jeff Brooks
Maisie Willa’s Run Little Bird Maisie Kevin Klasing Jeff Brooks
Bo FC AFC Timberdoodle's King Beau Russell Smith Duane Menges/Duane Menges
Bruiser FC AFC Smith's Lightning Russell Smith Duane Menges/Duane Menges
Harvey Harvey Of Westphal Russell Smith Duane Menges/Duane Menges
Taz AFC Fin and Feather's Tazmanin Devil Linda Simpson Jeff Brooks(P)
Chris Sonrays Sir Christopher Warren Wunderlich Ken Willis
Tucker Pheasant Feathers Tuck and Roll Paul Haering Ken Willis
Jazz Stormy's Big Easy Darrell Kurszewski Ken Willis
Fibbs R-Quest's Talltales Carroll Smith Ken Willis(P)
Clyde FC Goshens Right Turn James Bowles/Kris Bowles Ken Willis
Grace FC Goshens Amazing Grace James Bowles/Kris Bowles Ken Willis(P)
Storm Thunder in the Glen M. Jack Domingo Ken Willis
Loki Loki Pheasant Fooler Jerry Lizalek Ken Willis(P)
Bama Lighthouse Bama Bam Bam Keith Buesing Jason Givens(P)
Timber Lighthouse Northwoods Timberdoodle Dawn & Steve Orlebeke Jason Givens(P)
Freddy NAFC Harvest Moon's Freddy of Ludlow Dick Taylor Dick Taylor()
Sully FC AFC FTCh AFTCh Narvin’s Sully of Ivanhoe William Cosgrove William Cosgrove(A)
Doc Blue Towers High Voltage Phil Lincoln/Jennifer Lincoln Phil Lincoln(A)
Kate River Rocks Big Nose Kate Phil Lincoln/Jennifer Lincoln Phil Lincoln(A)
Blaine AFC Breaking Cattails You Can Come Home Katie Gorecki Katie Gorecki(A)

Puppy-AM Saturday March 20, 2021 (10)
Abby Blackhawks Abby Gale Dan Tuttle Dan Tuttle
Blitz Rainy's Blazing Blitz John Dudash Jr John Dudash Jr
Tiger Rainy's Roaring Tiger John Dudash Jr John Dudash Jr
Blaze Autumn's Blaze of J-Mar James Schnupp James Schnupp
Braker Z&Z’s Code Breaker of Craney Hill Susan Willingham Susan Willingham(A)
Trixie Smith’s Trixie Russell Smith Russell Smith(A)/Duane Menges
Houston Windy Acres Houston Jeff Beelman Ken Willis(P)
Aaron Gadhar Gunna's Granddaddy's Gun Roxanne Fegley Jason Givens(P)
Blake Belwind Drink On It Keith Ruby Jason Givens(P)
Stormy Rose Lane Three Sheets to the Wind Gunther and Barbara Boettcher Jason Givens(P)

Amateur All-Age-AM Sunday March 21, 2021 (22)
Babe Doorcreek It's All About Me Chuck Nelson Chuck Nelson
Boaz Doorcreek Boaz Chuck Nelson Chuck Nelson
Maddie Primrose's Royal Maddie Billy Alcorn Paul Haering
Hawk Strong's Hawkeye John Neubaum/Ron Charles John Neubaum
Ash AFC Eightwalks Ash Joseph Barnett Joseph Barnett
Bonnie Wind River's She's a Bonnie Lass Louise Stewart Louise Stewart
Sully FC AFC FTCh AFTCh Narvin’s Sully of Ivanhoe William Cosgrove William Cosgrove
Gretel Pheasant Feathers Gretel Gregory Agoston Gregory Agoston
Danner Autumn Fields Boot in the Can Brian Young Brian Young
Dilly Autumn Fields Dilly Dilly Brian Young Brian Young
Bodhi Master Grand River Bodhi Troy Baehr Troy Baehr
Cooper Blackbrier’s Charred Oak Barrel Michael Pollack Michael Pollack
Sazz Blackbrier’s Sazarac Michael Pollack Michael Pollack
Baker Narvin SB Baker of Blackbrier Michael Pollack Michael Pollack
Cooper Stonington's Little Deuce Coupe Mike Elsasser Mike Elsasser
Nick FC AFC Doorcreek Saint Nick Chuck Nelson Chuck Nelson(A)
Ash Brushfire Gregory Evans Gregory Evans(A)
Dudley FC Craney Hill Dalmore Dudley Todd Agnew/Christina Power-Agnew Susan Willingham
Skye Chasing in the Skye Nancy Trego Bill Trego
Josie Pheasant Feathers Outlawed Josie Mark Brookshire Mark Brookshire(A)
Giga Harvest Hunters Skylar's Gigabyte Katie Gorecki Katie Gorecki
Ovie Breaking Cattails Breaking the Curse Joe Stallman Katie Gorecki(A)

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