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Northern Minnesota English Springer Spaniel Field Trial

Saturday September 12, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020449003)
Sunday September 13, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020449003)

Open All-Age-AM Saturday September 12, 2020 (25)
Wyatt Harvest Moon's Gunslinger Mike McGinty Mike McGinty(A)
Sister Birdflush's Sportin' a Habit SH Donna Young/Alan Young Dan Murray(P)/Alan Young
Ginger Pine Shadows BC Ginger J.P. Martin Morgan Haglin(P)
Zoey Orton’s Zoey Of Hunt Trails Bill Palmer Morgan Haglin
Ruby AFC Harvest Moon's Renegade Ruby Richard Radtke Richard Radtke(A)
Hank AFC Cattails Lovesick Blues Amelia Baxter Amelia Baxter(A)
Broch Broch Madadh Abhainn Wise Cathy Iversen/Bob Iversen Bob Iversen
Lola AFC Wise River's Mad Showgirl Cathy Iversen/Bob Iversen Cathy Iversen/Bob Iversen(A)
Jessie Strong's Royal Jester Randy Piearson Dan Murray/Randy Piearson
Pippa AFC Wind River Pippa Tom Nabity Tom Nabity(A)
Ted AFC Willowsaul Batman of Countryways Tom Nabity/Jeanne Nabity Tom Nabity(A)
Ellie Blackriver's Jezzebelle Miss Ellie JH SH Tracey Wiese Sander Dan Murray(P)/Tracey Sander
Baron Bears Paw Baron Sue Neville Dan Murray(P)
Scout Harvest Moon's Upland Explorer John Alstad/Dan Murray Dan Murray(P)
Bella Lady Bella of Norton Ryan Kistner Todd Stelzer(P)
Dunkin Goshens Down to the River Todd Stelzer Todd Stelzer(P)
Guinness Whisky Rivers Shot N Guinness Sharon Pilgrim Todd Stelzer(P)
Lucy Whiskey River Lucky Lucy of Norton Courtney Kistner Todd Stelzer(P)
Maverick Whisky Rivers Maverick Todd Stelzer Todd Stelzer(P)
Ryelee Whisky Rivers Shot of Rye Scot Barton Todd Stelzer(P)
Winston Whisky River Winston Dudley Doo Rite Lynn Christen Todd Stelzer
Caera AFC Rockhaven's Lady Caera James O'Keefe/Elaine O'Keefe James O'Keefe(A)/Elaine Vanderslice
Keaghan AFC Pinecroft's Keaghan of Rockhaven James O'Keefe/Elaine O'Keefe James O'Keefe(A)/Elaine Vanderslice
Cedar Norstrans Frontenac Elizabeth Smith/Scott Smith Dan Murray/Scott Smith
Shyne PrairieRose's Ryse & Shyne Rick Paquin Rick Paquin(A)

Amateur All-Age-AM Saturday September 12, 2020 (29)
Briar Pine Shadows BY Briar Lee Grauf Lee Grauf(A)
Skye Minnesota Skye's the Limit Sue Corthell Sue Corthell(A)/Drew Corthell
Denali Pine Shadows T Dozer Denali Jody Martin Jody Martin(A)
Preacher Birdflush's Outlaw Josey Wales JH Donna Young/Alan Young Alan Young(A)/Donna Young
Azzi Pine Shadows Paid for Half My Perazzi Michael Young Michael Young(A)
Oaklee Doorcreek's Khaleesi Greg & Deb Livingston Greg Livingston/Deb Livingston(A)
Yanta Pine Shadows BH Yanta Kate Haglin Kate Haglin
Mitch Sunrise Special Ops Francis (Terry) Sworsky Francis (Terry) Sworsky(A)
Diggs Traditional Looking for more Paul Johannes Paul Johannes(A)
Kernel Traditional Poppy Corn Paul Johannes Paul Johannes(A)
BB Sunrise BB Tony Sworsky Tony Sworsky(A)
Rags Prairie Rose's King Ragnar Kevin Martineau Kevin Martineau(A)
Sonny Pine Shadows PR Morning Son Stephen Krueger Stephen Krueger(A)
Rebel Pine Shadows RW Rebel Stephen Krueger Stephen Krueger(A)
Colt Whisky River Guns On The Table Roger Wilson Roger Wilson(A)
Snow The Mad Winters Night of Wise River Cathy Iversen/Bob Iversen Cathy Iversen
Toby FC Prairie Harvest Moon's Tenacious Toby JH SH Tracey Wiese Sander Doug Sander(A)/Tracey Sander
Annie FC AFC Absolute's Raise The Stakes Dan Murray/Mathias Bauer Matt Bauer
Skulli Lil Miss Skullinator Greg Pehrson Greg Pehrson
SKY PrairieRose's Blue Sky Richard Paquin Timothy Leider(A)
Brody FC AFC Rockhaven's One of the Boys James O'Keefe/Elaine O'Keefe James O'Keefe/Elaine Vanderslice(P)
Delaney Rockhaven's Little Lass James O'Keefe/Elaine O'Keefe Elaine Vanderslice/James O'Keefe
Fiona Rockhaven's Little Beauty James O'Keefe/Elaine O'Keefe Elaine Vanderslice(A)/James O'Keefe
Paddy FC AFC Prince Padraig of Rockhaven James O'Keefe/Elaine O'Keefe James O'Keefe/Elaine Vanderslice
Jack Thunderstruck Old Number Seven Kade Vershey Kade Vershey(A)
Chief Pine Shadows Chief Dave of Chariot SR Kevin Rutherford Kevin Rutherford(A)
Smoke Pine Shadows PR Smoke On The Water Kevin Rutherford Kevin Rutherford(A)
Lucca Pine Shadows Lucca Peyton Loss Peyton Loss(A)
Toot Whisky Rivers Tulip Ann Stelzer Ryan Kistner

Puppy-AM Sunday September 13, 2020 (9)
Briar Pine Shadows BY Briar Lee Grauf Lee Grauf(A)/Ryan Grauf
River Pine Shadows Rolling River Danielle Breeggemann Danielle Breeggemann()/Andy Breeggemann
Rock Rulo's The Rock Mike McGinty Mike McGinty(A)
Bono Prairierose's Bold North Kevin Martineau Kevin Martineau(A)
Jack Rulo's Blackjack Richard Radtke Richard Radtke(A)
Raylan Craney Hill’s Justified Raylan of Wise River Cathy Iversen Bob Iversen(A)
Booker Whisky Rivers Little Book Wes Roessler Todd Stelzer(P)
Dyna Goshen's Banjo Ann Stelzer Todd Stelzer(P)
Skye Whisky River Isle of Skye Scot Barton Todd Stelzer(P)

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