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Cincinnati English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Club Spring 2020 ***Location Change***

Saturday February 29, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020366501)
Sunday March 1, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020366501)

Open All-Age-AM Saturday February 29, 2020 (27)
Bo FC AFC Timberdoodle's King Beau Russell Smith Duane Menges/Brent LeMaster
Bruiser FC AFC Smith's Lightning Russell Smith Duane Menges/Brett LeMaster
Dewey Dewey of Westphal Russell Smith Duane Menges/Brent LeMaster
Gwin Guinevere of Westphal Russell Smith Duane Menges/Brent LeMaster
Harvey Harvey Of Westphal Russell Smith Duane Menges/Brent LeMaster
Amy Garrisoncullin Amy Jack Waggoner Jack Waggoner()
Storm Thunder in the Glen M. Jack Domingo Ken Willis
Lone Star Wise River's Lone Star of Crosswinds Betsey Battistoni Todd Agnew
DJ FC Craney Hill Grouse on Glendye Richard Lindsay Todd Agnew(P)
Clyde FC Goshens Right Turn James Bowles/Kris Bowles Ken Willis
Grace FC Goshens Amazing Grace James Bowles/Kris Bowles Ken Willis(P)
Fibbs R-Quest's Talltales Carroll Smith Ken Willis(P)
Loki Loki Pheasant Fooler Jerry Lizalek Ken Willis(P)/Jerry Lizalek
Ben Greybriars’s Prairie Blaze Jeff Beelman Jeff Beelman
Tuffy FC AFC AFTCh Tuff of Ivanhoe William Cosgrove William Cosgrove(A)
Norm Lighthouse Bottle in front of Me Mark Gebert Mark Gebert(A)
Copper Goshen's True Blue Robert Fink Ken Willis
Cracker Pheasant Feather's Royal Cracker Ben Martin Ben Martin(P)
Monty Springville Illustrious Monty John Graham Ben Martin(P)
Secret Royal Secret Ben Martin Ben Martin(P)
Bailey Bailey Superstar Sunray Bob Barney Bob Barney
Dudley FC Craney Hill Dalmore Dudley Todd & Christina Agnew/Christina Power-Agnew Todd Agnew
Bama Lighthouse Bama Bam Bam Keith Buesing Jason Givens(P)
Gracie FC Pheasant Feathers Game Changer Keith Ruby Jason Givens(P)
Solo FC AFC Rockey's Solo Chuck Cloninger Jason Givens(P)
Spree Lighthouse L'Esprit De La Nuit Mark Moore Jason Givens(P)
Timber Lighthouse Northwoods Timberdoodle Dawn & Steve Orlebeke Jason Givens(P)

Puppy-AM Saturday February 29, 2020 (3)
Dilly Autumn Fields Dilly Dilly Brian Young Brian Young(A)
Tucker Pheasant Feathers Tuck and Roll Paul Haering Ken Willis
Tre Lighthouse Other Brother Mark Gebert Jason Givens(P)

Amateur All-Age-AM Sunday March 1, 2020 (21)
Marker Turtlecreek Marker IV Monty Kayes Monty Kayes(A)
Marley FC CFC Tonacrick Marley Jack Waggoner Jack Waggoner()
Gretel Pheasant Feathers Gretel Gregory Agoston Gregory Agoston()
Rudy Sunrise Burrfield's Rudolph Mike Walsh Mike Walsh(A)
Tony Cadiz Country Tony Richard Domo Mike Walsh(A)
Gaddi Royal Miss Intense Gadgett Paul Ruppert Paul Ruppert(A)
Becky FC Salmy's Becky Jack Waggoner Alexander Kerr(A)
Sully FC AFC FTCh AFTCh Narvin’s Sully of Ivanhoe William Cosgrove William Cosgrove(A)
Danner Autumn Fields Boot in the Can Brian Young Brian Young(A)
Skye Chasing in the Skye Nancy Trego Bill Trego
Cody J-Mar'sCatch Me If You Can Cody James Schnupp James Schnupp(A)
Norm Lighthouse Bottle in front of Me Mark Gebert Mark Gebert(A)
Lue AFC Wonmore Blue Paul Haering/Amy Haering Paul Haering(A)
Ash Brushfire Gregory Evans Gregory Evans(A)
Zubi Storm-Borne Tempest Gregory Evans Gregory Evans(A)
Bandit FC AFC Heartrocks Masked Bandit Dan Tuttle Dan Tuttle(A)
Gracie Hearthrocks Amazing Grace Dan Tuttle Dan Tuttle(A)
Pip NFC FC AFC CAFC Coals Creek Practically Perfect Michael Elsasser Mike Elsasser(A)
Doc Harvest Moon's I'm Your Huckleberry Holly Boggess/Bradley Boggess Brad Boggess(A)
Maddie Primrose’s Royal Maddie Bill Alcorn Bill Alcorn(A)
Sky Grousevalley's Midnight Sky Mark Quiding Mark Quiding

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