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Poodle Club of America Spaniel Hunt Test April 16, 2020 ***Cancelled***

Thursday April 16, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020070201)

Junior-AM Thursday April 16, 2020 (6)
Razz Sarmace's I'm A Chase Razzle Dazzle Poodle(Standard) Judy Harris Judy Harris
Ritz Sarmace's Puttin' on the Ritz Poodle(Standard) Judy Harris Judy Harris
Dede CH Carlyn's Distorted Humor WCX UWC JH Poodle Joyce Carelli Joyce Carelli(A)
Skyy Lance’s Tye One On Poodle(Standard) Lizabeth Erickson Lizabeth Erickson
Paisley Simply Southern’s Cowgirl Dreams CGC TKI UWC Poodle(Miniature) Amy Dittus-Sterner Amy Dittus-Sterner
Ruby Louter Creek’s American Pie Poodle David McNeil David McNeil()

Senior-AM Thursday April 16, 2020 (8)
Driver UH HR MACH Paragon's In The Express Lane UD MHUA SH UWCX MXS MJB WCX HPCX Poodle Jo Swanto Jo A Swanto(A)
Jordi Paragon's Curly Zip Drive UD JHU OA AXJ UWCX WC JHU Poodle Jo Swanto Jo Swanto(A)
Starr Paragon's Bart's Shooting Starr SHUA UWC WC Poodle(Standard) Jo Swanto Jo A Swanto(A)
Rosie UCH UAG2 Oakwind's Ragtime Rosie NA OAJ OF HPC Poodle(Standard) Jacquelyn Bowman/Peter Radnek Jacquelyn Bowman
Cossette GRCH Mia's Victorious Cossette JHU RN RA CD WC Poodle(Standard) Bambi Kaminski Bambi Kaminski(A)
Chewy Chewy Chewbacca King WCX UWCX SHU JH Poodle(Standard) Joe Mikolajczak Joe Mikolajczak()
Hogan RosePoint Hogan Seals deal Quick SHU Poodle(Standard) Burton Quick Burton Quick/Bobbi Quick
Remy Deaux Rey's Remington Steel Silk HPCX MH Poodle Lizabeth Erickson Lizabeth Erickson(A)

Master-AM Thursday April 16, 2020 (5)
Argus Argus UWCX MH Poodle Daniel Cassidy Daniel Cassidy(A)
Talu Meadowlake Talulah from Poodle Sense MH SHU Poodle John Harker John Harker(A)
Pippin HR U-CDX Lexicon Magic To Do CDX SH SHUA HPC Poodle Suzanne Fairbairn Suzanne Fairbairn
Flint Tudorose Light My Fire VCD2 UDX2 OM2 TD MH VER WCX OAP OJP MH Poodle Joann Smith Joann Smith(A)
Birdie Simply Southern's Ladybird the Queen RN JH SHU UWC WCX UGA Poodle Amy Dittus-Sterner Amy Dittus-Sterner

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