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2022 National Amateur Cocker Championship

Saturday November 5, 2022 (AM)(Event# : 2022133258)

National Amateur Championship-AM Saturday November 5, 2022
Entered (55)
Started (52)
11 Shandy FC AFC Fallen Wing's Leinie's Summer Shandy Kevin Gaddie/Joan Gaddie Kevin Gaddie(A) 1st
40 Monte FC Sir Godfrey Daniels of Lighthouse Keith Buesing Keith Buesing(A) 2nd
33 Puck Kirby Mtn A Midsummer Night's Dream Jackie Juniker-Pitts Jackie Juniker-Pitts 3rd
21 Lila FC AFC Warrener’s Yellow Shafted Flicker Jonathan Sims Jonathan Sims(A) 4th
2 Trio FC Fallen Wings Triple Threat Vicky Thomas Vicky Thomas(A) CM
9 Bailey FC AFC Biltmore’s Black Diamond Bryan Miller Bryan Miller(A) CM
18 Scout FC Serendipity Mountain Scout Dominique Savoie Dominique Savoie(A) CM
30 Doll FC Quailmoor Q.P. Tawney Crawford Tawney Crawford(A) CM
47 River FC Chrokeva's Where The River Meets the Sea Jackie Juniker-Pitts Jackie Juniker-Pitts CM
48 Posie FC Chukatuk’s Posie K Jeff Lusk Scott Mason CM
54 Eddie FC Stonewalker Eduardo SH Kim Wiley/Bethann Wiley Bethann Wiley CM
1 Jesse NAFC FC AFC Whispering Jesse of Terrybrook Walt Leytham Walt Leytham(A)
3 Mya AFC Windy Acres Ryglen Mya John Kriegl/Mark Schinderle John Kriegl(A)
4 Gable Skalkaho Creek's Crown Gable SH Cheryl Dooley Cheryl Dooley(A)
5 Trixie FC Absolute's Tricky Dilemma SH Russ Pool Russ Pool(A) Scratch
6 Clutch Stonewalker Clutch Kim Wiley/Bethann Wiley Bethann Wiley
7 Louie AFC Lighthouse Pops Kevin McGlin Kevin McGlin(A)
8 Rip Warrener's Stejneger Petrel Riptide Jon Hunke Jon Hunke(A)
10 Cruz AFC Stonewalk to Margaritaville Richard & Laurie Brueckner Vicky Thomas
12 Oz FC Quailmoor Quantum Chaos Bob Iversen Tawney Crawford/Bob Iversen(A)
13 Spiff FC Absolute’s Hey Mister Spaceman Bruce Britton Bruce Britton(A)
14 Eli AFC Thunderstruck Elias Mark Mercie Mark Mercie(A)
15 GiGi GiGi's All About Love Aaron Olson Aaron Olson(A)
16 Buster Absolute's Mythbuster Mike Bechard Mike Bechard(A)
17 Clay Sankhenak A'aninin Walt Leytham Walt Leytham(A)
19 Finley FC AFC Windy Acres Bluffview Finley John Kriegl/Mark Schinderle John Kriegl(A)
20 Jazz Lake Tapps Jazzman MH Scott Mason Scott Mason(A)
22 Tully NFC FC CFC Warrener's Tullinadaly Vicky Thomas Vicky Thomas(A)
23 Maryann AFC Dbltap's Three Hour Tour SH WDX Dawn Schuster Dawn Schuster(A)
24 Java Absolute's Special Blend SH Jackie Lovette/Stacy Brown Stacy Brown(A)/Jackie Lovette(A)
25 Teagan Coteau Dark One Rodney Beck Rod Beck
26 Nikko Oahe Dark Warrior "Nikko" Scott Osadchuk Scott Osadchuk(A)
27 Boots Terrybrook's Thirsty Boots Walt Leytham Walt Leytham(A)
28 Maggie Stonewalker Magnolia Kim Wiley/Bethann Wiley Bethann Wiley
29 Bailee Warrener Buller's Shearwater of Craney Hill David Atkins David Atkins(A)
31 Patsy FC Skalkaho's Absolutely Fabulous Olivia Steele-Mortimer Olivia Steele-Mortimer Scratch
32 Kona FC Lock Ridge Aikane Kona MH John Bishop John Bishop(A)
34 Sky Seskin Hill Blue Skies Tucker Johnson Vicky Thomas
35 Sage FC AFC Lil Prairie Times A Wastin SH William Connor William Connor(A)
36 Maika Aikane Pomaika John Bishop John Bishop(A)
37 Fitch Quail Oaks Watson-Fitch Nootkkii Moonokkii Gerald Scoville Gerald Scoville(A)
38 Pun FC Quailmoor Quip Bob Iversen Bob Iversen(A)
39 Churro FC AFC Absolute's Siempre el Mejor Churro MH Bruce Britton Bruce Britton(A)
41 Cato FC AFC Yankee Creek's Absolute Patience MH Barbara Defalco Barbara Defalco()
42 Bull Sankhenak Mamba Chad Chaumont Chad Chaumont(A)
43 Stormzy Black Stormzy Walt Leytham Walt Leytham(A)
44 Pin FC Quailmoor Quilt MH Tawney Crawford Tawney Crawford(A)
45 Cuba Absolute's Havana SH Sue Wilson/Alan Wilson Alan Wilson(A)
46 Minnie Flint Hill Minnie S Tucker Johnson Vicky Thomas
49 Prune Ynysycoed Dancer Lindsey Whinghter Lindsey Whinghter(A)
50 Nugget FC Oahe Golden Nugget Dameron Davis Dameron Davis/John Bishop
51 Daisy FC Hawthorne Lakota Peter Rizzo Peter Rizzo(A) Scratch
52 Buster Baraboo Valley Buster Tim Miller Tim Miller
53 Caya FC AFC Laurel Woods Hot Lil Pepper David Barto David Barto
55 Dude Breaking Dawn's My Rifle, My Pony, And Me MH Joe Worsham Dawn Schuster

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