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Central Wisconsin Sporting Spaniel Club SPRINGER Field Trial September 12, 2021 OPEN and PUPPY ONLY

Sunday September 12, 2021 (AM)(Event# : 2021614402)

Open All-Age-AM Sunday September 12, 2021
Entered (54)
Started (53)
23 Ryelee Whisky Rivers Shot of Rye Scot Barton Todd Stelzer(P) 1st
34 Dudley FC Craney Hill Dalmore Dudley Todd Agnew/Christina Power-Agnew Todd Agnew(P) 2nd
46 Sizzle Z&Z’s Hot Stuff Of Rock River Jaelee Schwartz Jeff Schwartz 3rd
11 Eden FC Harvest Moon's Overdrive Richard Ree Bill Boeckman(P) 4th
1 Booker Whisky Rivers Little Book Wes Roessler Todd Stelzer(P)
2 Zarrah JWT Rebel’s Princess Zarrah Of Rock River John & Tammy Winkelman Jeff Schwartz
3 Bella Lady Bella of Norton Ryan Kistner Todd Stelzer(P)
4 Cooper Newberg Coopinator Mike Sakis Jeff Schwartz
5 Guinness Whisky Rivers Shot N Guinness Sharon Pilgrim Todd Stelzer(P)
6 Aaron Gadhar Gunna's Granddaddy's Gun Roxanne Fegley Jason Givens(P)
7 Vern AFC Sandbluffs Vernon Mike Keough Mike Keough(A)
8 Rudder Rose Lane Full Speed Ahead Gunther and Barbara Boettcher Jason Givens(P)
9 Sky Harvest Moon's High In The Sky Betty Boeckman Bill Boeckman
10 Scoutt Windy Prairie Zp Scoutt Lloyd Jacobs/Bobbie Jacobs Lloyd Jacobs(A)
12 Boaz Doorcreek Boaz Chuck Nelson Chuck Nelson(A)
13 Hudson UK Breeze on the River Holly Boggess Bradley Boggess(A)
14 Swirl Treba's M&M Swirl MH12 MHA Mary Treba Mary Treba(A)
15 Flip Fowlco’s Flippin’ the Bird Catherine Lewis/Dean Reinke Catherine Lewis(A)
16 Alice Craney Hill Closed On Thanksgiving Donnie Jordan Todd Agnew(P)
17 Doc Harvest Moon's I'm Your Huckleberry Holly Boggess/Bradley Boggess Brad Boggess(A)
18 Razzle Treba's M&M Razzle Dazzle MHA Mary Treba Mary Treba(A)
19 Cora Cutaways Hard to Coral Diane Schindler Brad Schindler(A)
20 Bonnie Wind River's She's a Bonnie Lass Louise Stewart Todd Agnew(P)
21 Winston Whisky River Winston Dudley Doo Rite Lynn Christen Todd Stelzer(P)
22 Stella Sandbluffs Bella Stella Dennis Santini Dennis Santini(A)
24 June Goshen's Summer Breeze Nicholas Meier Nicholas Meier(P)
25 Maverick Whisky Rivers Maverick Todd Stelzer Todd Stelzer(P)
26 Blair Spring Clovers Blair Kurt Goeman Jeff Schwartz
27 Lacey Sand Creek's Ribbons and Lace Richard Ree Bill Boeckman
28 Quinn Windy Prairie Quinn Lloyd Jacobs/Bobbie Jacobs Lloyd Jacobs(A)
29 Rambler Autumn Wing's Rambler Dennis DuErr Bill Boeckman
30 Jack Hearthrock Straight Up Don Brunn Don Brunn()
31 Mick AFC Mick Diamond's Ring of Roosters MH Elden Benters Elden Benters(A)
32 Gus AFC Apple Creeks Gus Jeff Ramthun Jeff Ramthun
33 Daisy AFC Jackpine Forest Daisy Daze of Summer Lisa & Bob Schmeling Lisa Schmeling
35 Hope Roxbury's Onward and Upward Cassie Radl Jeff Radl()
36 Babe Doorcreek It's All About Me Chuck Nelson Chuck Nelson(A)
37 Andie Treba's Ambicious Andie Mary Treba Todd Stelzer
38 Brody Wind River Brody Tom Nabity/Jeanne Nabity Todd Agnew(P)
39 Skye Whisky River Isle of Skye Scot Barton Todd Stelzer(P)
40 Timber Lighthouse Northwoods Timberdoodle Dawn & Steve Orlebeke Jason Givens(P)
41 Dyna Goshen's Banjo Ann Stelzer Todd Stelzer(P)
42 Blake Belwind Drink On It Keith Ruby Jason Givens(P)
43 Parker FC Upland Meadows Parker Jeffrey Mankowski Bill Boeckman(P)
44 Acer Treba's Ace of Spades Mary Treba Mary Treba(A)
45 Jack Sand Creek's Jacks Are Wild Richard Nichols/Joanie Nichols Bill Boeckman(P)
47 Justice Narvin's Verdict Holly Boggess Bradley Boggess(A)
48 Dunkin Gaspereaumtn Running On Dunkin Jaelee Schwartz Jeff Schwartz/Jaelee Schwartz
49 Tyra PHEASANT FEATHERS TOO DARN HOT Jeff Ramthun Jeff Ramthun
50 Luna Sandbluffs Bella Luna Dennis Santini Dennis Santini(A)
51 Millie Autumn Wing's Millie Bill Gillet Bill Boeckman(P)
52 Ash AFC Eightwalks Ash Joseph Barnett Joseph Barnett(A)
53 Raiden Norstran's Here Comes The Storm Holly Boggess/Bradley Boggess Bradley Boggess
54 Jasmine Eden Prairie's Desert Princess John Thomas Smith John Smith(A)

Puppy-AM Sunday September 12, 2021
Entered (5)
Started (5)
4 Willow Grouse Ridge Dreamcatcher Michael Brittnacher Michael Brittnacher(A) 1st
1 Kirby Lighthouse Kirby Of The Present Zara Labrenz Zara Labrenz() 2nd
2 Sammy Rock Rivers Sammy Raven Night Craig Senglaub Jeff Schwartz 3rd
3 Jiggs Jigger of Whisky Rivers Finest Jiggs Van Welke Todd Stelzer(P)
5 Monti Monti II Jorge & Dorys Machado Jeff Schwartz

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