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Central Connecticut Spaniel Club - Springer Field Trial 2021

Saturday May 22, 2021 (AM)(Event# : 2021476804)
Sunday May 23, 2021 (AM)(Event# : 2021476804)

Open All-Age-AM Saturday May 22, 2021
Entered (40)
Started (32)
12 Malachy Maeleachlainn eion of the bean sidhe George Akkouris Billy Akkouris 1st
31 Jaxx FC NAFC AFC Ftch CAFC Pheasant Feathers Jaxx of Tazzman Frank Wiseman Clay Earl(P) 2nd
32 Thistle Jax Thistle Jack Waggoner Mike Wallace 3rd
19 Max Spring Meadows Maximus Clay Earl Clay Earl(P) 4th
1 Sparky CNFC Coldwater’s Spark will Fly Todd Allen Clay Earl(P)
2 Mickey Salmy's Magic Moment Nancy Standish/Michael Wallace Mike Wallace(P)
3 Ice FC AFC Hearthrock Polar Vortex Richard Krueger Clay Earl(P)
4 Zilo UK Domina's Top Zilo of Annickview John Stowell Ralph Botti
5 Pink Coldwaters Psychedelic Rock Show Christian Jensen Christian Jensen Scratch
6 Joe GoodLife Joe Cristy Joy Cindy Goode Wilson(P)/Cristy Joy
7 Boogie Hillcountry Johnny B Goode Fred Musone Clay Earl
8 Laney Salmy’s Lansboro Laney Kendrick Vinar Mike Wallace(P)
9 Floyd Coldwaters Pretty Boy Floyd Tom Nabity Clay Earl(P)
10 Vinnie Uk Domina's Vino of Annickview John Stowell Ralph Botti
11 Cody AFC Spring Meadows Cody Christian Jensen Christian Jensen Scratch
13 Whitey FTCH Blackbrier's White Lightning Josh Davis Clay Earl(P)
14 Adara Hardiakens Adara Mark Zebley Mike Wallace
15 Caddis Free Living Caddisfly Richard Krueger Clay Earl
16 Blizzard Triple Ridges Bomb Cyclone Henry Maccaro Ralph Botti(P)
17 Rex AFC Carpe Avem - Rex Peter Renwick/Kathleen Renwick Peter Renwick(A)
18 Kyp NFC Sunrise Seneca Kypling Sue and Dave Morse Gary Wilson(P) Scratch
20 Tudor Salmy’s December Sureshot Barney Custer Mike Wallace(P)
21 Woody Hearthrock Lethal Weapon Richard Krueger Clay Earl(P)
22 Poncho Metallak Mountain's Caballero Cloaked in Black Jim Klix Ralph Botti(P)
23 Surry Pheasant Feathers Girl Power Janie Haworth Thomas Motley
24 Tess AFC Sunrise Tesoro MH Cristy Joy Cristy Joy(A)
25 Knibbs FC AFC Cedar Lane Mr Knibbs JH MH Todd & Kathy Allen Clay Earl(P)
26 Colt Coldwaters Peacemaker Mike Wintersteen Mike Wallace
27 Rook Ftch Deepfleet Defero Steve Bender Clay Earl(P)
28 Misty Triple Ridges Misty May Tana Isakovic Ralph Botti
29 Sage FC AFC Spring Meadows Jr Regent Sage Christian Jensen Christian Jensen Scratch
30 Vaw Wow Bean Sidhe's Shimmering Vaw Wow   Billy Akkouris
33 Axel Ftch Belwind Badass Clay Earl Clay Earl(P) Scratch
34 Hudson UK Breeze on the River Holly Boggess Ralph Botti(P)
35 Charlotte Pheasant Feathers Queen of the Prairie Janie Haworth Tom Motley(A)
36 Millie Sunrise Mischief Millie At Stonewall Lenore Severni Gary Wilson Scratch
37 Abbie Cedar Lane’s Miss Abbie Josh Davis Clay Earl(P) Scratch
38 Digger FC Salmy's Dorchester Digger Libby Nagel Mike Wallace(P)
39 Feather Spring Meadows Feather Christian Jensen Christian Jensen Scratch
40 Chief FC FlatWater Chief of Hearthrock MH Cristy Joy Cristy Joy(A)

Puppy-AM Saturday May 22, 2021
Entered (5)
Started (4)
2 Prairie GoodLife Prairie Cristy Joy Cristy Joy(A) 1st
1 Bon Bon Sunrise Bon Bon Cynthia Goode Wilson Cindy Goode Wilson(P) 2nd
5 Taff Sunrise Seneca Taff David Morse Gary Wilson 3rd
4 Larry Lucky Larry Loo Hoo of Crosswinds Noreen Gleason Noreen Gleason(A) 4th
3 Tops Sunrise ZZ Tops Cynthia Goode Wilson Cynthia Goode Wilson(P) Scratch

Amateur All-Age-AM Sunday May 23, 2021
Entered (21)
Started (20)
6 Boogie Hillcountry Johnny B Goode Fred Musone Fred musone 1st
10 Pants Crosswinds Watch This Elizabeth Battistoni Elizabeth Battistoni 2nd
15 Rommel FC Hearthrock Desert Fox Mike Wintersteen/Richard Krueger Mike Wintersteen(A) 3rd
20 Spirit FC AFC Indian Spring's Free Spirit Barbara Schaefer Barbara Schaefer 4th
1 Mirra Salmy Own Reflection Robert Lightfoot Robert Lightfoot(A)
2 Ridley Crosswinds Camelot Redux Kevin and Elizabeth Battistoni Kevin Battistoni
3 Oonagh FC Osage Oonagh of the Bean Sidhe MHA Mary Lackey/Tim Welling Tim Welling
4 Amos AFC Heritage of Scantic River Famous Amos MH Rocco Iasparra Rocco Iasparra
5 Pat Sunrise RPA of FlatWater MH Cristy Joy/Mike Ayars Cristy Joy(A)
7 T.R. Shimmering President Teddy Roosevelt Jerome Jussaume Jerome Jussaume
8 Mason Sunrise Mason II JH David Huntress/Camie Barrow Camie Barrow
9 Beau Kettle Creeks Beau Stewart Snow Stewart Snow(A)
11 Reed Pheasant Feathers DD's Reed William Gates William Gates(A)
12 Geordie FC AFC Geordie Lad MH Kathleen & Peter Renwick Peter Renwick(A)
13 Zan AFC Sunrise Zan MH Cristy Joy Cristy Joy(A)
14 Seussy Lou Metallak Mountain's Take Me Down Little Seussy Jim Klix Jim Klix(A) Scratch
16 Bailey FC AFC Sunrise Uncle Bailey SH Camie Barrow Camie Barrow
17 Donnacha Maineview Donnchadh SH Mary Lackey/Timothy Welling Timothy Welling
18 Riot NFC CNAFTCH FC AFC CAFTCH Crosswinds Comic Relief Betsey Battistoni Elizabeth Battistoni
21 Bella Damrie Scots Bluebell JH Cristy Joy Cristy Joy(A)

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