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Minnesota Hunting Spaniel Association Cocker Field Trial Spring 2021 - TRIAL #1

Saturday May 1, 2021 (AM)(Event# : 2021446201)

Open All-Age-AM Saturday May 1, 2021
Entered (25)
Started (24)
6 Ike FC Green Gable's Maximum Jaelee Schwartz Jaelee Scchwartz 1st
8 Mickey Thunderstruck Silver Slugger Jordon Kontz Jordon Kontz(A) 2nd
22 Hopper FC Fallen Wing's Hillcountry Hopper SH Kim Wiley/Bethann Wiley Kim Wiley 3rd
4 Eddie FC Stonewalker Eduardo SH Kim Wiley/Bethann Wiley Kim Wiley 4th
1 Cody Royal Saracen Iron Eyes Cody Susan Sarracino-Deihl/Robert Deihl Jason Givens(P)
2 Clay Rock River's Green and Gold Proud SH MH Jagen Schwartz Jeff Schwartz
3 Butter Springhill Nohea Mission Buttercup Danae Steele/Jane Zank Jason Givens(P)
5 Ripples Fallen Wing’s Calm Waters Rumi Schroeder/Michael Schroeder Rumi Schroeder(A)
7 Sage Lil Prairie Times A Wastin William Connor William Connor(A)
9 Blossom Lighthouse Dearie Chuck Cloninger Jason Givens(P)
10 Archer Stonewalker's Highway To The Danger Zone Heidi Reinhardt Kim Wiley
11 Ginger FC Fallen Wings Ginger Scott Fitzgerald Jason Givens(P)
12 Remy Wrightstown Remington Jeff Kreuser Jeff Schwartz
13 Cotton AFC Fallen Wing's Blue Cotton Rumi Schroeder/Michael Schroeder Rumi Schroeder(A)
14 Thorn AFC Featherwood Blackthorn SH OA OAJ Amy Edstrom Brett Edstrom
15 Willow Paonia Willows of Oahe Robin Putnam Tom Ness(P)
16 Clutch Stonewalker Clutch Kim Wiley/Bethann Wiley Kim Wiley
17 Kenny Trochry Sweet Stiles Tom Ness Robin Putnam
18 Paisley Green Gable's Mud on the Tires Paisley SH WDX Matt Nordahl Jeff Schwartz
19 Tangle Nohea Tangle Blue TD OA AXJ XF Danae Steele Jason Givens(P)
20 Evalyn Fallen Wings Cairo's Spitfire Deb Strohl Deb Strohl
21 Maggie Klines Creekside Maggie Danae Steele Jason Givens(P)
23 Johnny FC AFC Fallen Wing's Teachers Pet Rumi Schroeder/Michael Schroeder Rumi Schroeder(A)
24 Alibi Gardian's My Alibi JH Venee Gardner KIM WILEY
25 Zoey Oahe Meaning of life Rod/Ellie Marchiando Tom Ness(P)

Amateur All-Age-AM Saturday May 1, 2021
Entered (21)
Started (21)
21 Finley FC Windy Acres Bluffview Finley John Kriegl/Mark Schinderle John Kriegl 1st
10 Eli Thunderstruck Elias Mark Mercie Mark Mercie(A) 2nd
15 Mya Windy Acres Ryglen Mya John Kriegl/Mark Schinderle John Kriegl 3rd
19 Thor Windy Acres Keeler's Special K SH Kelly Ramacier/Jim Ramacier Jim Ramacier 4th
1 Tansy Thunderstruck’s Featherwood Invasion Amy Edstrom Brett Edstrom
2 Clea Fallen Wings Queen of Egypt MH Deb Strohl Deb Strohl
3 Trio FC Fallen Wings Triple Threat ( Trio ) Terry Stubbs Terry Stubbs(A)
4 Buster Absolute's Mythbuster Mike Bechard Mike Bechard(A)
5 Cuba Absolute's Havana SH Sue Wilson/Alan Wilson Alan Wilson/Sue Wilson(A)
6 Pin Popsheath Pintail Larry Hansen Larry Hansen(A)
7 Weatherby Fallen Wings Hunting Star Weatherby JH Vickie Dahlk Vickie Dahlk(A)
8 Auggie FC FC Rock Rivers Muddy Paws of Gus & Gable JH SH MH Todd Mayer Jerry Mayer(A)
9 Louie Lighthouse Pops Kevin McGlin Kevin McGlin(A)
11 Toots DarttWood's Tootsey's on a Roll Chris Dartt Chris Dartt(A)
12 Evalyn Fallen Wings Cairo's Spitfire Deb Strohl Deb Strohl
13 Tiegan Coteau Dark One Rodney and Roberta Beck Rod Beck
14 Paco Fallen Wing's Paco Rumi Schroeder/Michael Schroeder Rumi Schroeder(A)
16 Brock Fenloch Hickory At Prairie Marsh Larry Hansen Larry Hansen(A)
17 Roxy FC Fallen Wings Roxy MH Terri Besch Terri Besch
18 Moses Thunderstruck Moses Mark Mercie Mark Mercie(A)
20 Ella Wrightstown Smithy's Princess Ella Jerry Mayer Jerry Mayer(A)

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