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Stillwater Valley ESSC 2021 Spring COCKER 1 Trial(New Date)

Saturday March 20, 2021 (AM)(Event# : 2021369002)

Open All-Age-AM Saturday March 20, 2021
Entered (24)
Started (24)
13 Alibi Gardian's My Alibi JH Venee Gardner Kim Wiley 1st
20 Ginger FC Fallen Wings Ginger Scott Fitzgerald Jason Givens(P) 2nd
10 Alfy Ucheldir Moondancer David Edwards David Edwards 3rd
15 Hopper FC Fallen Wing's Hillcountry Hopper SH Kim Wiley/Bethann Wiley Kim Wiley 4th
1 Clutch Stonewalker Clutch Kim Wiley/Bethann Wiley Kim Wiley
2 Butter Springhill Nohea Mission Buttercup Danae Steele Jason Givens
3 Annie Royal Annabelle Ben Martin Ben Martin
4 Daisy Columbia's Field of Dreams MH Dan Wright Dan Wright
5 Tri FC Redbush Meadow Give Me A Tri Mike Ludwig Mike Ludwig
6 Hawkeye Fallen Wings Hawkeye Dunn Mary Lou Dunn Ted McCue
7 Eddie FC Stonewalker Eduardo SH Kim Wiley/Bethann Wiley Kim Wiley
8 Finn Saracen's The Man in Black DJ MH Susan Sarracino-Deihl/Robert E Deihl Jason Givens(P)
9 Boulder Coals Creek Chip off the Block Russell Gordy Jason Saunders
11 Weatherby Fallen Wings Hunting Star Weatherby Vickie Dahlk Vickie Dahlk
12 Meg Craney Hill Mae Siuil A Run Heather Blair/Robert Blair Todd Agnew
14 Maggie Klines Creekside Maggie Danae Steele Jason Givens
16 Winnie FC Rosebriars Little Rumble Ted and Linda McCue Ted McCue
17 Artie Tater's Far Meadow Artemus Jean-Marie Tate Mike Ludwig
18 Rhye Columbia's Seven Seas Sarah Wright Dan Wright
19 Dido Fallen Wing's Royal Dido of Camden Ben Martin Ben Martin
21 Archer Stonewalker's Highway To The Danger Zone Heidi Reinhardt Kim Wiley
22 Brunie FC Moreven Brunie Ted McCue Ted McCue
23 Maryann Dbltap's Three Hour Tour Dawn Schuster Dawn Schuster
24 Kermit Covey Flush Kermit's Surprise MH Alan Barnes Alan Barnes

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