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Northern Colorado SS Club Spring Field Trial - ESS

Saturday March 13, 2021 (AM)(Event# : 2021368203)
Sunday March 14, 2021 (AM)(Event# : 2021368203)

Open All-Age-AM Saturday March 13, 2021
Entered (39)
Started (24)
20 Tru FC Absolute’s Breaking Cattails Pick Me Jayne Reinhart, Tracie Wilson Dan Murray 1st
34 Cedar Norstrans Frontenac Elizabeth Smith/Scott Smith Dan Murray 2nd
30 Jill Grouse Moor Jill John Knowles John Knowles(A) 3rd
35 Siq AFC BCR'S Pathway to Petra David Cowan Clayton Robert Clayton 4th
1 Sage AFC Strong’s Windfall Sage MH Allen Gann Allen Gann
2 Keaghan AFC Pinecroft's Keaghan of Rockhaven James O'Keefe/Elaine O'Keefe James O'Keefe(A) Scratch
3 Finn Tridons Infinity Patricia Bramwell Lynn Miller Scratch
4 Sonny Pine Shadows PR Morning Son Stephen Krueger Morgan Haglin
5 Bree Windrifts Breeann of Tuttle Ray Hankins/Jill Hankins Ray Hankins(A)/Chad Betts
6 Lola AFC Wise River's Mad Showgirl Cathy Iversen/Bob Iversen Cathy Iversen
7 Tie AFC BCR's Sharp Dressed Man Robert Clayton Robert Clayton(A)/Cowan Clayton
8 Elle AFC From Wine Country Came A Belle Called Elle Eric Hammer Eric Hammer(A) Scratch
9 Swagger Lionhearted Lynn Miller Lynn Miller(P) Scratch
10 Baron FC Bears Paw Baron Sue Neville Dan Murray(P)
11 Cody AFC Pheasant Feathers Patriot Steve Tozier Steve Tozier(A)
12 Ted AFC Willowsaul Batman of Countryways Tom Nabity/Jeanne Nabity Tom Nabity(A)/Jeanne Nabity
13 Bree Rocky Crosswinds Brianne MH Bill Benkula Bill Benkula(A) Scratch
14 Jessie FC Strong's Royal Jester Randy Piearson Randy Piearson(A) Scratch
15 Aoife FC Paragon's Aoife Na'Tuile Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Lynn Miller Scratch
16 Macie Macie III Richard Hall Morgan Haglin
17 Moose AFC Paragon's Ogha A Ghrian Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Gary Peschel
18 Broch Broch Madadh Abhainn Wise Cathy Iversen/Bob Iversen Bob Iversen
19 Ace AFC BCR's Ramblin Gamblin Man Robert Clayton Robert Clayton(A)/Cowan Clayton
21 Bucky Paragon's One Lucky Buckaroo of Hellfire Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Lynn Miller Scratch
22 Kyp NFC Sunrise Seneca Kypling Sue and Dave Morse Gary Wilson Scratch
23 Dusty Blys Dusty Road AR Ginn Tom Ness(P)
24 Caera AFC Rockhaven's Lady Caera James O'Keefe/Elaine O'Keefe James O'Keefe(A) Scratch
25 Lulu Windrifts What a Lulu Chad Betts Chad Betts(P)
26 Ginger Pine Shadows BC Ginger J.P. Martin Morgan Haglin(P)
27 Dottie Paragon's Dottie Doolittle Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Lynn Miller(P) Scratch
28 Maple Jaegercourt's Maple Eric Hammer Eric Hammer(A) Scratch
29 Blanco FC AFC Paragon's Cairnbrae Fionan Bhan Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Gary Peschel
31 Rags Prairie Rose's King Ragnar Kevin Martineau Kevin Martineau(A)
32 Raylan Craney Hill’s Justified Raylan of Wise River Cathy Iversen Bob Iversen(A)
33 Elmo Paragon's St Elmo's Fire of Big Sky Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Lynn Miller Scratch
36 Azzi Pine Shadows Paid for Half My Perazzi Michael Young Morgan Haglin
37 Eva Eva of Oahe Thomas Aufiero Tom Ness(P)/Tom Aufiero
38 Millie Sunrise Mischief Millie Lenore Severni Gary Wilson Scratch
39 Duke Paragon's Sir Marmaduke Macaoidh Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Lynn Miller Scratch

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