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Ravenna Field Trial Club October 2020 Field Trial

Saturday October 17, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020415102)
Sunday October 18, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020415102)

Open All-Age-AM Saturday October 17, 2020
Entered (22)
Started (18)
4 Jake FC Sunrise Dreamcatcher John Hynes Gary Wilson(P) 1st
17 Fibbs R-Quest's Talltales Carroll Smith Ken Willis(P) 2nd
12 Millie Sunrise Mischief Millie At Stonewall Lenore Severni Gary Wilson 3rd
5 Clyde FC Goshens Right Turn James Bowles/Kris Bowles Ken Willis 4th
1 Tucker Pheasant Feathers Tuck and Roll Paul Haering Ken Willis
2 Maisie Willa’s Run Little Bird Maisie Kevin Klasing Jeff Brooks
3 Harvey Harvey Of Westphal Russell Smith Russell Smith(A)
6 Tommy Tommy Boy Son of Briley Gene Manning Jeff Brooks(P)
7 Rainy Pheasant Feathers Raining Down John Dudash Jr Brent LeMaster/John Dudash Jr(P)
8 Taylor Sunrise Taylor Delores Wilson gary Wilson(P)
9 Loki Loki Pheasant Fooler Jerry Lizalek Ken Willis(P)
10 Taz AFC Fin and Feather's Tazmanin Devil Linda Simpson Jeff Brooks(P)
11 Bo FC AFC Timberdoodle's King Beau Russell Smith Russell Smith(A)
13 Grace FC Goshens Amazing Grace James Bowles/Kris Bowles Ken Willis(P)
14 Dora Willa’s Run Here Comes Dora Kevin Klasing Jeff Brooks
15 Bodhi Master Grand River Bodhi Trent Bosse Trent Bosse()
16 Tinker Longbrier Tinker Bell George Wilson gary wilson(P)
18 Arrow Willa's Run Astrid's Arrow Kevin Klasing Jeff Brooks
19 Kobe AFC Ivanhoe’s Prime Time Kobe Steve Sherbondy/Karen Sherbondy Steve Sherbondy(A)
20 Cora AFC AFTCH Olive Ridge Coraline MH Justin Smith Justin Smith()/Wendy Smith
21 Storm Thunder in the Glen M. Jack Domingo Ken Willis
22 Bailey Bailey Superstar Sunray Bob Barney Duane Menges

Puppy-AM Saturday October 17, 2020
Entered (3)
Started (2)
2 Albus Sunrise Albus Chris Harstine Gary Wilson(P) 1st
1 Piper Sunrise Piper Douglas Krause Gary Wilson 2nd
3 Mae Sunrise Mae Belle Heather Krause Gary Wilson Scratch

Amateur All-Age-AM Sunday October 18, 2020
Entered (19)
Started (18)
4 Sully FC AFC FTCh AFTCh Narvin’s Sully of Ivanhoe William Cosgrove William Cosgrove(A) 1st
6 Harvey Harvey Of Westphal Russell Smith Russell Smith(A) 2nd
1 Maddie Primrose's Royal Maddie Billy Alcorn Paul Haering 3rd
13 Fiona Sunrise Fiona Heather Lennox Krause Doug Krause 4th
2 Skye Chasing in the Skye Nancy Trego Bill Trego
3 Tony Cadiz Country Tony Richard Domo Mike Walsh(A)
5 Brogan Salmy's Sweet Irish Brogue Herbert Zeh Herbert Zeh(A)
7 Roxy Rae's Roxy Richard Domo Rich Domo(A)
8 Macy Royal Macy Troy Baehr Troy Baehr(A)
9 Pip NFC FC AFC CAFC Coals Creek Practically Perfect Michael Elsasser Mike Elsasser
10 Weyland Pheasant Feathers Merlin's Magic Weyland Jennifer Betar/John Betar Jeb Betar(A)
11 Rudy Sunrise Burrfield's Rudolph Mike Walsh Mike Walsh(A)
12 Tuffy FC AFC AFTCh Tuff of Ivanhoe William Cosgrove William Cosgrove(A)
14 Ella Olive Ridge Eloise Justin Smith Justin Smith()/Wendy Smith
15 Donny Salmys There is a Donnybrook a Brewing Herbert Zeh Herbert Zeh(A)
16 Marker Turtlecreek Marker IV Monty Kayes Monty Kayes(A)
17 Tri AFC Salmy's Third Turnout Richard Domo Rich Domo(A)
18 Frankie Sunrise Francesca Jonathan Cook Jonathan Cook(A)
19 Gracie Hearthrocks Amazing Grace Dan Tuttle Dan Tuttle(A)

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