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Sportsmen's Spaniel Club of Calumet AKC Field Trial

Saturday October 17, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020368905)
Sunday October 18, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020368905)

Open All-Age-AM Saturday October 17, 2020
Entered (23)
Started (22)
20 Babe Doorcreek It's all About Me Chuck Nelson Chuck Nelson(A) 1st
19 Parker FC Upland Meadows Parker Jeffrey Mankowski Bill Boeckman 2nd
18 Bama Lighthouse Bama Bam Bam Keith Buesing Jason Givens(P) 3rd
6 Snap AFC Doorcreek Double Snap Adeline Schumacher Chuck Nelson(A) 4th
1 Ebby Autumn Wing's Ebby Dennis DuErr Bill Boeckman(P) Scratch
2 Chick Cedar Creek Chick Bob Sommers Jason Givens(P)
3 Ember Apple Creeks Smokin Fire John Hall John Hall(A)
4 Fire Coldwater's On Fire Catherine Lewis/Dean Reinke Dean Reinke(A)
5 Lenore Sandbluffs Lenore Mike Keough Mike Keough(A)
7 Sky Harvest Moon's High In The Sky Betty Boeckman Bill Boeckman(P)
8 Wyatt AFC Salmy's Young Gun at Avonlea Jack Markowski Jack Markowski(A)
9 Sage Dragon Rider's Serendipity Sage Jesse Sekey Jesse Sekey
10 Timber Lighthouse Northwoods Timberdoodle Dawn & Steve Orlebeke Jason Givens(P)
11 Kate FC Dansmirth's Katlyn Marie Langhans John Hall(A)
12 Web FC AFC Creekbend's Webley of Finnegand Muir MH John Neubaum John Neubaum(A)
13 Eden FC Harvest Moon's Overdrive Richard Ree Bill Boeckman(P)
14 Swirl Treba's M&M Swirl MHA Mary Treba Mary Treba
15 Vern AFC Sandbluffs Vernon Mike Keough Mike Keough(A)
16 Cheq Pheasant Feathers Oh So Sharp Dean Reinke/Catherine Lewis Dean Reinke(A)
17 Paddy FC AFC Prince Padraig of Rockhaven James O'Keefe/Elaine O'Keefe Elaine O'Keefe(A)
21 Carly FC Dansmirth's Carly Marie Langhans John Hall(A)
22 Tilly AFC Bilotta's Fedele Cane Caccioa Tilly MH Brian Bilotta/Maureen Durcan-Bilotta Brian Bilotta(A)
23 Rockie Salmy Rock Candy Bounce Catherine Lewis/Dean Reinke Catherine Lewis(A)

Amateur All-Age-AM Saturday October 17, 2020
Entered (27)
Started (26)
9 AB Heart Of Dixie Annabeth Kurt Gerlach Kurt Gerlach(A) 1st
10 Mick Mick Diamond's Ring of Roosters MH Elden Benters Elden Benters(A) 2nd
11 Sam Royal's Samantha II Lea Ames Lea Ames(A) 3rd
8 Rush HR Rushmore M. Jack Domingo M. Jack Domingo() 4th
1 Roxy Hiawatha Roxy II Robert & Sharon Mueller Robert Mueller
2 Chris Sonrays Sir Christopher Warren Wunderlich Warren Wunderlich
3 Chase Shorewood's Chase to Win Robert Curl/Carolyn Curl Robert Curl(A)
4 Ford Gamefinders Ford Donald Maue Donald Maue(A)
5 Razr Auxsable Razr Dr. Francis Prock Brud Prock
6 Bentley Lighthouse Classy Chassis Gunther and Barbara Boettcher Gunther Boettcher(A)
7 Quinn Windy Prairie Quinn Lloyd Jacobs/Bobbie Jacobs Lloyd Jacobs(A)
12 Jack Hearthrock Straight Up Don Brunn Don Brunn()
13 Cracker Pheasant Feather's Royal Cracker Dean Reinke/Ben Martin Dean Reinke(A)
14 Boaz Doorcreek Boaz Chuck Nelson Chuck Nelson(A)
15 Five FC See TP's Five Spot Run Paula Welsh Paula Welsh
16 Jazz Coldwaters Smooth Jazz Catherine Lewis/Dean Reinke Catherine Lewis(A)
17 Doc Blue Towers High Voltage “Doc” Phil Lincoln Phil Lincoln(A)
18 Ash Eightwalks Ash Joseph Barnett Joseph Barnett(A)
19 Razzle Treba's M&M Razzle Dazzle MHA Mary Treba Mary Treba(A)
20 Dak Doorcreek Sodak David Hucek David Hucek(A)
21 Reo Comet's Oreo Dr.Francis Prock Brud Prock
22 Seb Gamefinders Sebastion Jenna Maue Donald Maue(A)
23 Scoutt Windy Prarie ZP Scoutt Lloyd Jacobs/Bobbie Jacobs Lloyd Jacobs(A)
24 Tessa Boru's Crosswind Contessa Brian Bilotta Brian Bilotta(A)
25 Maze Lilim of Mazikeen Kurt Gerlach Kurt Gerlach(A)
26 Fiona Rockhaven's Little Beauty James O'Keefe/Elaine O'Keefe Elaine O'Keefe(A) Scratch
27 Bart Harvest Moon's Black Bart Dean Koehler/Lori Koehler Dean Koehler(A)

Puppy-AM Sunday October 18, 2020
Entered (11)
Started (10)
2 Hawk Strong's Hawkeye John Neubaum/Ron Charles John Neubaum(A) 1st
7 Kate River Rocks Big Nose Kate Phil Lincoln/Jennifer Lincoln Phil Lincoln(A) 2nd
3 Lenore Sandbluffs Lenore Mike Keough Mike Keough(A) 3rd
1 Aaron Gadhar Gunna's Granddaddy's Gun Roxanne Fegley Jason Givens(P) 4th
4 Squirt Lighthouse Happy Ending Kaye Wyn Kaye Wyn/Jason Givens(P)
5 Lacey Sand Creek's Ribbons and Lace Richard Ree Bill Boeckman
6 Apple Lighthouse Evie Jason Givens Jason Givens(P)/Kaye Wyn
8 Rudder Rose Lane Full Speed Ahead Gunther and Barbara Boettcher Barb Boettcher Scratch
9 Cheese Narvin's Smile Jason Givens Kaye Wyn/Jason Givens(P)
10 Jack Sand Creek's Jacks Are Wild Richard Nichols/Joanie Nichols Bill Boeckman(P)
11 Hank Timber Creek Hank Robert Mueller/Sharon Mueller Robert Mueller

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