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Springer Spaniel Club of Central Kansas - Field Trial Oct. 2020

Saturday October 24, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020414106)

Open All-Age-AM Saturday October 24, 2020
Entered (21)
Started (18)
20 Tie BCR's Sharp Dressed Man Robert Clayton Robert Clayton(A) 1st
12 Hondo Strongs Deep Water MH David Flint David Flint 2nd
8 Ace BCR's Ramblin Gamblin Man Robert Clayton Robert Clayton(A) 3rd
2 Siq AFC BCR'S Pathway to Petra David Cowan Clayton Cowan Clayton 4th
1 Aoife FC Paragon's Aoife Na'Tuile Mhari Peschel Lynn Miller
3 Duke Paragon's Sir Marmaduke Macaoidh Mhari Peschel Lynn Miller
4 Bella Damrie Scots Bluebell Cristy Joy Collin Pickrel(P)/Cristy Joy
5 Mimi AFC Paragon's Maeve Macaoidh of Wise River Mhari Peschel Mhari Peschel(A)
6 Sprig Strong's River Ranch Sprig David Flint David Flint
7 Bucky Paragon's One Lucky Buckaroo of Hellfire Mhari Peschel Lynn Miller
9 Hercules Hercules of Ivanhoe Lynn Miller Lynn Miller(P)
10 Zan AFC Sunrise Zan MH Cristy Joy Collin Pickrel/Cristy Joy
11 Moose AFC Paragon's Ogha A Ghrian Mhari Peschel Mhari Peschel(A)
13 Liz Tridons Chasemore White Diamonds Don Bramwell/Trisha Bramwell Lynn Miller
14 Duke AFC BCR's Reap The Wild Wind MH David Cowan Clayton Cowan Clayton/Robert Clayton
15 Rip Esgob Enchantment Mhari Peschel Lynn Miller
16 Joe GoodLife Joe Cristy Joy Collin Pickrel/Cristy Joy
17 Abby Paragon's Presto Abra-ca-dabra Mhari Peschel Gary Peschel
18 Heidi Strong's River Ranch Heidi David Jones David Flint
19 Elmo Paragon's St Elmo's Fire of Big Sky Mhari Peschel Lynn Miller
21 Lulu Windrifts What a Lulu Chad Betts Chad Betts(P)

Amateur All-Age-AM Saturday October 24, 2020
Entered (14)
Started (14)
14 Izzy Uk Breeze of Tweed Izzy Jeff Adams Jeff Adams 1st
5 Doc Blue Towers High Voltage Phil Lincoln Phil Lincoln(A) 2nd
2 Tori Paragons Tori Borealis Rick Shively/Carol Shively Rick Shively(A) 3rd
7 Rowan FC Paragon Addiwhan's Ode to O'Ruadhain Mhari Peschel Mhari Peschel(A) 4th
1 Cody Pheasant Feathers Patriot Steve Tozier Steve Tozier(A)
3 Blanco FC AFC Paragon's Cairnbrae Fionan Bhan Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Gary Peschel
4 Jake Strongs River Ranch Little Jake Stephen Seltzer/Judith Seltzer Stephen Seltzer(A)
6 Bandit Desperado Jesse James Rick Shively/Carol Shively Rick Shively(A)
8 Piper Kisiwa's First Flight North MH Stephen Seltzer Stephen Seltzer(A)
9 Buster Eddie the Eagle Steven Hoostal Steven Hoostal(A)
10 Jones Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. Beast Rick Shively/Carol Shively Rick Shively(A)
11 Colt Tridon's Second Amendment Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Gary Peschel
12 Derby Wise River's Ranchhand Douglas Reynolds/Gail Reynolds Gail Reynolds
13 Harry High Prairie Harry MH Alice Henriques/Brian Hanson Alice Henriques/Brian Hanson

Puppy-AM Saturday October 24, 2020
Entered (8)
Started (5)
2 Bree Windrifts Breeann of Tuttle Ray Hankins/Jill Hankins Ray Hankins(A) 1st
3 Finn Tridons Infinity Patricia Bramwell Lynn Miller 2nd
4 Duke The Swift Duke of the Highland Tim Goulart David Flint 3rd
1 Swagger Lionhearted Lynn Miller Lynn Miller(P)
5 Cardhu Hellfire's Spirit of Cardhu Leslie Holland Lynn Miller(P)
6 Kate River Rocks Big Nose Kate Phil Lincoln/Jennifer Lincoln Phil Lincoln(A)
7 Dottie Paragon's Dottie Doolittle Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Lynn Miller(P)
8 Rizzo Goodlife's On First at Wrigley Field Christopher Wilkinson Collin Pickrel/Christopher Wilkinson(P)

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