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Tilden Valley English Springer Spaniel Club Field Trial **NEW LOCATION**

Saturday September 19, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020369301)

Open All-Age-AM Saturday September 19, 2020
Entered (24)
Started (24)
8 Trip FC AFC Leeds Ride The Wind Bob Merrill Bob Merrill(A) 1st
3 Bama Lighthouse Bama Bam Bam Keith Buesing Jason Givens(P) 2nd
24 Maverick Whisky Rivers Maverick Todd Stelzer Todd Stelzer(P) 3rd
19 Tilly AFC Bilotta's Fedele Cane Caccioa Tilly MH Brian Bilotta/Maureen Durcan-Bilotta Brian Bilotta(A) 4th
1 Swirl Treba's M&M Swirl MHA Mary Treba Mary Treba
2 Ginger Pine Shadows BC Ginger J.P. Martin Morgan Haglin(P)
4 Winston Whisky River Winston Dudley Doo Rite Lynn Christen Todd Stelzer
5 Piper Salmy's Distant Reflection John Bruggeman John Bruggeman(P)
6 Guinness Whisky Rivers Shot N Guinness Sharon Pilgrim Todd Stelzer(P)
7 Ruby AFC Harvest Moon's Renegade Ruby Richard Radtke Richard Radtke(A)
9 Pablo Pablo ll Richard Cieszkowski lll Jason Givens(P)
10 Sonny Pine Shadows PR Morning Son Stephen Krueger Morgan Haglin
11 Duck Blue Ridge Power House By Strong's Kinley Wallet John Bruggeman(P)
12 Vern AFC Sandbluffs Vernon Mike Keough Mike Keough(A)
13 Wyatt Harvest Moon's Gunslinger Mike McGinty Mike McGinty(A)
14 Ryelee Whisky Rivers Shot of Rye Scot Barton Todd Stelzer(P)
15 Chick Cedar Creek Chick Bob Sommers Jason Givens(P)
16 Bella Lady Bella of Norton Ryan Kistner Todd Stelzer(P)
17 Thor Thor On Kreidler Hill John Bruggeman John Bruggeman(P)
18 Pistol AFC Salmys Second Ammendment John Meyer John Meyer(A)
20 Briar Pine Shadows BY Briar Lee Grauf Morgan Haglin
21 Timber Lighthouse Northwoods Timberdoodle Dawn Orlebeke/Steve Orlebeke Jason Givens(P)
22 Lucy Whiskey River Lucky Lucy of Norton Courtney Kistner Todd Stelzer(P)
23 Rosie Sunrise On Taylor's Pink Rose Bud Timothy Liek John Bruggeman(P)

Amateur All-Age-AM Saturday September 19, 2020
Entered (29)
Started (26)
3 Tana Stonequoins Big Sky Solitude Rick Schneider Rick Schneider(A) 1st
2 Cheq Pheasant Feathers Oh So Sharp Dean Reinke/Catherine Lewis Dean Reinke(A) 2nd
5 Solo FC AFC Rockey's Solo Chuck Cloninger Chuck Cloninger(A) 3rd
10 Gus AFC Apple Creeks Gus Jeff Ramthun Jeff Ramthun 4th
1 Skulli Lil Miss Skullinator Greg Pehrson Greg Pehrson
4 Zoey Orton’s Zoey Of Hunt Trails Bill Palmer Bill Palmer(A) Scratch
6 Emmie Blackbrier’s Emerald Isle Absolut Michael Pollack/William Marenich Michael Pollack(A)
7 Ryder Blackbrier's Spellbound Bob Merrill Bob Merrill(A)
8 BB Sunrise BB Tony Sworsky Tony Sworsky(A)
9 TY Ty of Sunridge Dave Karsten Dave Karsten() Scratch
11 Willie Pheasant Feathers Braveheart Willie MH Tim Koller Tim Koller()
12 Yanta Pine Shadows BH Yanta Kate Haglin Kate Haglin
13 Jazz Coldwaters Smooth Jazz Catherine Lewis/Dean Reinke Catherine Lewis(A)
14 Rags Prairie Rose's King Ragnar Kevin Martineau Kevin Martineau(A) Scratch
15 Tess Stonequoins Guardian Rick Schneider Rick Schneider(A)
16 Cooper Blackbrier’s Charred Oak Barrel Michael Pollack Michael Pollack(A)
17 Bo Blue River Bocephus Mark and Nancy Weinand Mark Weinand
18 Fire Coldwater's On Fire Catherine Lewis/Dean Reinke Dean Reinke(A)
19 Lad Goshen's Top Shelf Bob Merrill Bob Merrill(A)
20 Mitch Sunrise Special Ops Francis (Terry) Sworsky Francis (Terry) Sworsky(A)
21 Gracie FC Pheasant Feathers Game Changer Keith Ruby Keith Ruby(A)
22 Oaklee Doorcreek's Khaleesi Greg Livingston/Deb Livingston Greg Livingston
23 Chase Pheasant Feathers Chasseur Du Monde MH Tim Koller Tim Koller()
24 Jeepers Winterwind Ringneck Wrangler MH Jill Miller Jill Miller(A)
25 Tess Lighthouse Retrieving Proudly Tess Troy Gawronski Troy Gawronski(A)
26 Sazz Blackbrier’s Sazarac Michael Pollack Michael Pollack(A)
27 Rockie Salmy Rock Candy Bounce Catherine Lewis/Dean Reinke Catherine Lewis(A)
28 Fran FC AFC Sandbluffs Francine Mike Keough Mike Keough(A)
29 Razzle Treba's M&M Razzle Dazzle MHA Mary Treba Mary Treba(A)

Puppy-AM Saturday September 19, 2020
Entered (14)
Started (14)
6 Lenore Sandbluffs Lenore Mike Keough Mike Keough(A) 1st
1 Ticktock Winterwind Hie Time Jill Miller Jill Miller(A) 2nd
4 Dyna Goshen's Banjo Ann Stelzer Todd Stelzer(P) 3rd
11 Rock Rulo's The Rock Mike McGinty Mike McGinty(A) 4th
2 Aaron Gadhar Gunna's Granddaddy's Gun Roxanne Fegley Jason Givens(P)
3 Jack Rulo's Blackjack Richard Radtke Richard Radtke(A)
5 Bono Prairierose's Bold North Kevin Martineau Kevin Martineau(A)
7 Apple Lighthouse Evie Jason Givens Jason Givens(P)
8 Skye Whisky River Isle of Skye Scot Barton Todd Stelzer(P)
9 Briar Pine Shadows BY Briar Lee Grauf Morgan Haglin/Ryan Grauf
10 Finn Plum Creek’s Here Comes Finn Chuck Cloninger Chuck Cloninger(A)
12 Hawk Strong's Hawkeye John Neubaum/Ron Charles John Neubaum(A)
13 Cheese Narvin's Smile Kaye Wyn-Givens Jason Givens(P)
14 Booker Whisky Rivers Little Book Wes Roessler Todd Stelzer(P)

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