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Northern Colorado SS Club Fall Field Trial - ESS

Saturday March 7, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020368201)

Open All-Age-AM Saturday March 7, 2020
Entered (35)
Started (33)
8 Hercules Hercules of Ivanhoe Lynn Miller Lynn Miller(P) 1st
27 Belle FC Blackbrier's Belle Pepper Dan Murray Dan Murray(P) 2nd
35 Duke Paragon's Sir Marmaduke Macaoidh Mhari Peschel Lynn Miller 3rd
15 Jessie Strong's Royal Jester Randy Piearson Dan Murray(P) 4th
1 Tru FC Absolute‚Äôs Breaking Cattails Pick Me Jayne Reinhart, Tracie Wilson/Joe Stallman Dan Murray
2 Rook Deepfleet Defero Steve Bender Clay Earl(P)
3 Annie FC AFC Absolute's Raise The Stakes Dan Murray/Mathias Bauer Dan Murray(P)
4 Tia FTCH CAFC Belwind Carly's Masterpiece   Clay Earl(P) Scratch
5 Macie Macie III Richard Hall Morgan Haglin
6 Jones Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. Beast Rick Shively/Carol Shively Lynn Miller
7 Zoey Orton's Zoey of Hunt Trials Bill Palmer Morgan Haglin Scratch
9 Keaghan Pinecroft's Keaghan of Rockhaven James O'Keefe/Elaine O'Keefe James O'Keefe(A)/Elaine Vanderslice
10 Stella AFC Cattails Stella Artois MH Amelia Baxter Amelia Baxter(A)
11 Nick Doorcreek Saint Nick Chuck Nelson Chuck Nelson(A)
12 Jill Grouse Moor Jill John Knowles John Knowles(P)
13 Ellie Blackriver's Jezzebelle Miss Ellie JH SH Tracey Wiese Sander Dan Murray(P)
14 Ice FC AFC Hearthrock Polar Vortex Richard Krueger Clay Earl(P)
16 Whitey Blackbrier's White Lightning Josh Davis Clay Earl(P)
17 Hank Pine Shadows Flying Hank Pat Connell Morgan Haglin
18 Rip Esgob Enchantment Mhari Peschel Lynn Miller
19 Ginger Pine Shadows BC Ginger J.P. Martin Morgan Haglin(P)
20 Finn Paragons Fionn Mac Cumhaill Rex Humston Lynn Miller
21 Mimi AFC Paragon's Maeve Macaoidh of Wise River Mhari Peschel Mhari Peschel(A)
22 T Bone Sunrise Well Done T Bone Kevin Noon Kevin Noon(A)
23 Paddy FC AFC Prince Padraig of Rockhaven James O'Keefe/Elaine O'Keefe Elaine Vanderslice(A)/James O'Keefe
24 Ted AFC Willowsaul Batman of Countryways Tom Nabity Tom Nabity(A)
25 Scout Harvest Moon's Upland Explorer John Alstad/Dan Murray Dan Murray(P)
26 Max Spring Meadows Maximus   Clay Earl(P)
28 Axel Belwind Badass Clay Earl Clay Earl(P)
29 Sonny Pine Shadows PR Morning Son Stephen Krueger Morgan Haglin
30 Liz Tridons Chasemore White Diamonds Don Bramwell/Trisha Bramwell Lynn Miller
31 Babe Doorcreek It's all About Me Chuck Nelson Chuck Nelson(A)
32 Fly AFC PrairieRose's Super Fly MH Amelia Baxter Amelia Baxter(A)
33 Moose AFC Paragon's Ogha A Ghrian Mhari Peschel Mhari Peschel(A)
34 Lulu Windrifts What a Lulu Chad Betts Chad Betts(P)

Amateur All-Age-AM Saturday March 7, 2020
Entered (33)
Started (33)
10 Snap Doorcreek Double Snap Adeline Schumacher Chuck Nelson(A) 1st
27 Caera Rockhaven's Lady Caera James O'Keefe/Elaine O'Keefe James O'Keefe(A) 2nd
33 Annie FTCH Coldwaters Supernatural Jeanne Nabity Jeanne Nabity(A) 3rd
31 Quinn AFC Sunrise Quinault Of Farview Skip Smith Kathy Sleavin(A) 4th
1 Seeker Wing Shots Seeker Mark Matthiesen/Bob Childs Mark Matthiesen()
2 Colt Tridon's Second Amendment Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Gary Peschel
3 Blaine AFC Breaking Cattails You Can Come Home Joe Stallman/Katie Gorecki Katie Gorecki(A)
4 Harry High Prairie Harry MH Alice Henriques/Brian Hanson Alice Henriques/Brian Hanson
5 Brody FC AFC Rockhaven's One of the Boys James O'Keefe/Elaine O'Keefe James O'Keefe/Elaine Vanderslice(P)
6 Gertie Harvest Moon's Geretrudis Randall Manore/Mary Manore Randall Manore(A)
7 Chief Pine Shadows Chief Dave of Chariot SR Kevin Rutherford Kevin Rutherford(A)
8 Tori Paragons Tori Borealis Rick Shively/Carol Shively Rick Shively(A)
9 Cody Pheasant Feathers Patriot Steve Tozier Steve Tozier(A)
11 Zelda Paragons Samhain of Crestline Tom or Tina Campbell Tom or Tina Campbell(A)
12 Aoife FC Paragon's Aoife Na'Tuile Mhari Peschel Mhari Peschel(A)
13 Eva Eva of Oahe Thomas Aufiero Thomas Aufiero(A)
14 Sioux Whispering Pines Autumn Skyy Charles Petrmichl Chuck Petrmichl(A)
15 Mino AFC Harvest Hunters SoBe's Tiny Mino Katie Gorecki Katie Gorecki(A)
16 Crumb Pine Shadows BP Crumb Ryan Grauf Ryan Grauf
17 Delaney Rockhaven's Little Lass James O'Keefe/Elaine O'Keefe Elaine Vanderslice/James O'Keefe(P)
18 Chester FC AFC Paragon's Araidh Crideachan Kirby Shineman Kirby Shineman(A)
19 Mike Sunrise Michael of Farview Skip Smith/Kathy Sleavin Kathy Sleavin
20 Abby Paragon's Presto Abra-ca-dabra Mhari Peschel Mhari Peschel
21 Hank Cattails Lovesick Blues Amelia Baxter Amelia Baxter(A)
22 Frankie Meadowmoor's Francesca Randall Manore/Mary Manore Randall Manore(A)
23 Chloe Paragons Chloe of Crestline Tom or Tina Campbell Tom or Tina Campbell(A)
24 Boaz Doorcreek Boaz Chuck Nelson Chuck Nelson(A)
25 Giga Harvest Hunters Skylar's Gigabyte Katie Gorecki Katie Gorecki
26 Bandit Desperado Jesse James Rick Shively/Carol Shively Rick Shively(A)
28 Buster Eddie the Eagle Steven Hoostal Steven Hoostal(A)
29 Piper Kisiwa's First Flight North MH Stephen Seltzer Stephen Seltzer(A)
30 Rowan FC Paragon Addiwhan's Ode to O'Ruadhain Mhari Peschel Mhari Peschel(A)
32 Knibbs FC AFC Cedar Lane Mr Knibbs JH MH Todd & Kathy Allen Todd Allen

Puppy-AM Saturday March 7, 2020
Entered (7)
Started (7)
6 Jake Strongs River Ranch Little Jake Stephen Seltzer/Judith Seltzer Stephen Seltzer(A) 1st
1 Bucky Paragon's One Lucky Buckaroo of Hellfire Mhari Peschel Mhari Peschel 2nd
3 Briar Pine Shadows BY Briar Lee Grauf Morgan Haglin 3rd
4 Azzi Pine Shadows Paid for Half My Perazzi Michael Young Michael Young 4th
2 Swagger Lionhearted Lynn Miller Lynn Miller(P)/Mhari Peschel
5 Elmo Paragon's St Elmo's Fire of Big Sky Mhari Peschel Mhari Peschel(A)
7 Haley Haley Jeff Jones Jeff Jones

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