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Central Maine Springer Spaniel Club Trial #2

Monday February 24, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020660708)
Tuesday February 25, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020660708)

Open All-Age-AM Monday February 24, 2020
Entered (17)
Started (17)
11 Bailey FC AFC Sunrise Uncle Bailey SH Camie Barrow Jim Keller(P) 1st
15 Sapphire FC AFC CFC Pheasant Feathers Black Sapphire of Marymont Seth Montler Robert Montler(A) 2nd
7 Lizzie FC AFC Pheasant Feather Marymont's Elizabeth Keen Robert Montler Robert Montler(A) 3rd
5 Juneau FC AFC CFC Juneau's Gypsy Girl Joel and Ann Theisen Jim Keller(P) 4th
1 Ace Hearth Ace High Charlie Roberts Jim Keller(P)
2 Spirit FC AFC Indian Spring's Free Spirit Barbara Schaefer Dan Lussen(P)
3 Ollie Mojo's Wildwings Oligos Michael Nolan Jim Keller
4 JD Jack Daniels Chris Craw Dan Lussen(P)
6 Alice Craney Hill Closed On Thanksgiving Donnie Jordan Todd Agnew
8 Skittles FC AFC Z&Z's Sky Dancer of Fallen Wings Michael Nolan Michael Nolan(A)
9 Josie Pheasant Feathers Outlawed Josie Mark Brookshire Mark Brookshire(A)
10 Poppy FC CFC Starbury Spirit of Aurora Shane Cresswell Dan Lussen(P)
12 JB FC Pondview II's Secret Agent Dan Lussen Daniel Lussen(P)
13 Whitey Mojo's Most Wanted Whitey Daniel Kosewski James Keller
14 DJ FC Craney Hill Grouse on Glendye Richard Lindsay Todd Agnew(P)
16 Henley Pheasant Feathers Takeit to the Limit Henley Ranald Simms Philip Horner(P)
17 Tess AFC Sunrise Tesoro MH Cristy Joy Cristy Joy

Puppy-AM Monday February 24, 2020
Entered (2)
Started (2)
2 Rise Auroras Rise of Sirius Ted Lagala Ted Lagala(A) 1st
1 Brody Wind River Brody Tom Nabity/Jeanne Nabity Todd Agnew(P) 2nd

Amateur All-Age-AM Tuesday February 25, 2020
Entered (18)
Started (17)
16 Griffin Gristmill Griffin of Drake Hill Patrick Berry Patrick Berry(A) 1st
14 Petals Pheasant Feathers Blossom of Marymont Alyssa Montler Robert Montler(A) 2nd
9 Dots Mojo's Joey Two Dots Michael Nolan Michael Nolan 3rd
6 Keller FC Drake Hill Willem's Choice MH Patrick Berry Patrick Berry(A) 4th
1 Pat Sunrise RPA of FlatWater MH Cristy Joy/Mike Ayars Cristy Joy
2 Saber FC Pheasant Feathers Cutting Edge of Marymont Robert Montler Robert Montler(A) Scratch
3 Dancer Aurora‚Äôs Lord of the Dance Ted Lagala Ted Lagala(A)
4 Rex Carpe Avem - Rex Peter Renwick/Kathleen Renwick Peter Renwick(A)
5 Badger AFC FTCH Pheasant Feathers Cove Creek Badger MH John Dunn/Mona Dunn John Dunn(A)
7 Zan Sunrise Zan MH Cristy Joy Cristy Joy
8 Mattis Coldwater's Law of Motion Barbara Granatir Robert Montler
10 Weyland Pheasant Feathers Merlin's Magic Weyland Jennifer Betar/John Betar Jeb Betar(A)
11 Alder FC Craney Hill Alder of Crosswinds David Atkins David Atkins(A)
12 Geordie FC AFC Geordie Lad MH Kathleen & Peter Renwick Peter Renwick(A)
13 Chief FC FlatWater Chief of Hearthrock MH Cristy Joy Cristy Joy
15 Boomer Strongs Odin's Thunder Lisa Pyle Lisa Pyle(A)
17 Rags Prairie Rose's King Ragnar Kevin Martineau Kevin Martineau(A)
18 Pip NFC FC AFC Coals Creek Practically Perfect Michael Elsasser Mike Elsasser(A)

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