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Hall of Fame II

Friday February 7, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020713802)

Open All-Age-AM Friday February 7, 2020
Entered (38)
Started (36)
36 Freddy NAFC Harvest Moon's Freddy of Ludlow Dick Taylor Dick Taylor() 1st
12 Annie FC AFC Absolute's Raise The Stakes Dan Murray/Mathias Bauer Dan Murray(P) 2nd
22 Scout Harvest Moon's Upland Explorer John Alstad/Dan Murray Dan Murray(P) 3rd
25 Briar FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Thistle's Brambles and Briars MH Jeffrey Cubitt Jeffrey Cubitt(A) 4th
1 Tia FTCH CAFC Belwind Carly's Masterpiece   Clay Earl(P)
2 Poppy FC CFC Starbury Spirit of Aurora Shane Cresswell Dan Lussen
3 Jaxx NAFC AFC Ftch CAFC Pheasant Feathers Jaxx of Tazzman Frank Wiseman Clay Earl(P)
4 Spirit FC AFC Indian Spring's Free Spirit Barbara Schaefer Dan Lussen(P)
5 Timber Lighthouse Northwoods Timberdoodle Dawn & Steve Orlebeke Jason Givens(P)
6 Adara Hardiakens Adara Mark Zebley Michael Wallace(P)
7 Solo FC AFC Rockey's Solo Chuck Cloninger Jason Givens(P)
8 Badger FC Salmy's Beargarden Badger Stephen Wegener Mike Wallace(P)
9 Wyatt AFC Salmy's Young Gun at Avonlea Jack Markowski Jack Markowski(A)
10 Belle FC Blackbrier's Belle Pepper Dan Murray Dan Murray(P)
11 Norm Lighthouse Bottle in front of Me Mark Gebert Mark Gebert(A)
13 Ellie Nottingham's Dunnegan Elegant One Tim Baker Timothy Baker
14 Q Pondview ll's Quartermaster Dan Lussen Daniel Lussen(P)
15 Axel Belwind Badass Clay Earl Clay Earl(P)
16 Dozer FC Windy Ridge Dozer Carl Farabaugh Mike Wallace(P)
17 Jazz Coldwaters Smooth Jazz Catherine Lewis/Dean Reinke Clay Earl(P)
18 Thistle Jax Thistle Jack Waggoner Mike Wallace
19 Gracie FC Pheasant Feathers Game Changer Keith Ruby Jason Givens(P)
20 Tru FC Absolute’s Breaking Cattails Pick Me Jayne Reinhart, Tracie Wilson/Joe Stallman Dan Murray
21 Bama Lighthouse Bama Bam Bam Keith Buesing Jason Givens(P) Scratch
23 Daisy AFC Jackpine Forest Daisy Daze of Summer Lisa & Bob Schmeling Lisa Schmeling
24 JD Jack Daniels Chris Craw Dan Lussen(P)
26 Laney Salmy’s Lansboro Laney Kendrick Vinar Mike Wallace(P)
27 Whitey Blackbrier's White Lightning Josh Davis Clay Earl(P)
28 Digger FC Salmy's Dorchester Digger Libby Nagel Mike Wallace(P)
29 Max Spring Meadows Maximus   Clay Earl(P)
30 Ted AFC Willowsaul Batman of Countryways Tom Nabity Tom Nabity(A)
31 Spree Lighthouse L'Esprit De La Nuit Mark Moore Jason Givens(P)
32 Newt Upland's Lonesome Dove Raymond Wunderlich Raymond Wunderlich
33 Stella AFC Cattails Stella Artois MH Amelia Baxter Amelia Baxter(A) Scratch
34 JB FC Pondview II's Secret Agent Dan Lussen Daniel Lussen(P)
35 Issie Lady Isabelle Haughn of Winchester Edwin Haughn Ed Haughn(A)
37 Amy Garrisoncullin Amy Jack Waggoner Jack Waggoner()
38 Badger AFC FTCH Pheasant Feathers Cove Creek Badger MH John Dunn/Mona Dunn John Dunn(A)

Amateur All-Age-AM Friday February 7, 2020
Entered (33)
Started (31)
20 Tara FC AFC Spring Meadows Tara of Mountain View Christian Jensen Christian Jensen 1st
7 Annie FTCH Coldwaters Supernatural Jeanne Nabity Jeanne Nabity(A) 2nd
26 Scoutt Windy Prarie ZP Scoutt Lloyd Jacobs/Bobbie Jacobs Lloyd Jacobs(A) 3rd
13 Rockie Salmy Rock Candy Bounce Catherine Lewis/Dean Reinke Catherine Lewis(A) 4th
1 Hank Cattails Lovesick Blues Amelia Baxter Amelia Baxter(A)
2 Marley FC CFC Tonacrick Marley Jack Waggoner Jack Waggoner()
3 Ember Apple Creeks Smokin Fire John Hall John Hall(A)
4 Sage FC Spring Meadows Jr Regent Sage Christian Jensen Christian Jensen
5 CC Lower Creek Cassandra Connie Kieckhefer Connie Kieckhefer
6 Gus Apple Creeks Gus Jeff Ramthun Jeff Ramthun
8 Quinn Windy Prairie Quinn Lloyd Jacobs/Bobbie Jacobs Lloyd Jacobs(A)
9 Fire Coldwater's On Fire Catherine Lewis/Dean Reinke Dean Reinke(A)
10 Bodhi Master Grand River Bodhi Trent Bosse Trent Bosse()
11 Sam Royal's Samantha II Lea Ames Lea Ames(A)
12 Cody Spring Meadows Cody Christian Jensen Christian Jensen
14 Buck Jackpine Forest Tiger By The Tail Lisa & Bob Schmeling Lisa Schmeling
15 Doc Blue Towers High Voltage “Doc” Phil Lincoln/Jennifer Lincoln Phil Lincoln(A)
16 Rags Prairie Rose's King Ragnar Kevin Martineau Kevin Martineau(A)
17 Gypsy Lower Creek Gypsy Connie Kieckhefer Connie Kieckhefer
18 Dillon Rockhavens Tullamore Dew MH James Brueggemann Deb Brueggemann
19 Preacher Birdflush's Outlaw Josey Wales JH Donna Young/Alan Young Alan Young(A)/Donna Young
21 Cheq Pheasant Feathers Oh So Sharp Dean Reinke/Catherine Lewis Dean Reinke(A)
22 Dancer Aurora’s Lord of the Dance Ted Lagala Ted Lagala(A)
23 Pippa AFC Wind River Pippa Tom Nabity Tom Nabity(A)
24 Dibbs FC AFC Warrener's Sora Rail of Craney Hill Scott McKillip Scott McKillip
25 Ice FC AFC Hearthrock Polar Vortex Richard Krueger Richard Kreuger
27 Alder FC Craney Hill Alder of Crosswinds David Atkins David Atkins(A)
28 Feather Spring Meadows Feather Christian Jensen Christian Jensen Scratch
29 Spoon Salmy’s Spoonful of Sugar of NAWOC Ben Cowan Ben Cowan(A)
30 Elsa FC AFC Cutaways Up North All The Time Elsa Brad Schindler Brad Schindler(A) Scratch
31 Rook Deepfleet Defero Steve Bender Steve Bender
32 Issie Lady Isabelle Haughn of Winchester Edwin Haughn Ed Haughn(A)
33 Becky FC Salmy's Becky Jack Waggoner Alexander Kerr

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