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Southeast Texas English Springer Spaniel Club Fall Field Trial January 2020

Thursday January 23, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020368601)
Friday January 24, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020368601)

Open All-Age-AM Thursday January 23, 2020
Entered (32)
Started (28)
30 Fawn FC Sunrise Fawnhaven Cindy Wilson Cindy Goode Wilson(P) 1st
14 Dibbs FC AFC Warrener's Sora Rail of Craney Hill Scott McKillip Todd Agnew 2nd
16 Coal Sunrise Coal of Farview Skip Smith/Kathy Sleavin Skip Smith(A) 3rd
7 Boogie Hillcountry Johnny B. Goode Chad Leonard Chad Leonard 4th
1 Jazz Coldwaters Smooth Jazz Catherine Lewis/Dean Reinke Clay Earl(P)
2 Amy Garrisoncullin Amy Jack Waggoner Jack Waggoner()
3 Ice FC AFC Hearthrock Polar Vortex Richard Krueger Clay Earl(P) Scratch
4 Pan Sweet Serenitys Widespread Panic SH Abby Kozal Collin Pickrel(P)
5 Heidi Strong's River Ranch Heidi David Jones David Flint
6 DJ FC Craney Hill Grouse on Glendye Richard Lindsay Todd Agnew(P)
8 Zach FC AFC Sunrise Zach of Farview Frederick Smith Skip Smith(A)
9 Max Spring Meadows Maximus   Clay Earl(P)
10 Niles FC AFC Sunrise Mountain Knight Roger Schenone Cindy Goode Wilson(P)/Gary Wilson(P)
11 Rook Deepfleet Defero Steve Bender Clay Earl(P)
12 Zan Sunrise Zan MH Cristy Joy Collin Pickrel
13 Moose AFC Paragon's Ogha A Ghrian Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Mhari Peschel(A)
15 Derby Wise River's Ranchhand Douglas Reynolds/Gail Reynolds David Flint
17 Annie FTCH Coldwaters Supernatural Jeanne Nabity Clay Earl
18 Kyp NFC Sunrise Seneca Kypling Sue and Dave Morse Gary Wilson(P) Scratch
19 Tia FTCH CAFC Belwind Carly's Masterpiece   Clay Earl(P)
20 Pat Sunrise RPA of FlatWater MH Cristy Joy/Mike Ayars Collin Pickrel
21 Fancy Hillcountry Hot Feet Chad Leonard Chad Leonard
22 Gracie High Tail Gracie Ann George Trumble Todd Agnew(P)
23 Duke Jax Marley Duke Jack Waggoner David Flint
24 Quinn AFC Sunrise Quinault Of Farview Kathy Sleavin Skip Smith
25 Jaxx NAFC AFC Ftch CAFC Pheasant Feathers Jaxx of Tazzman Frank Wiseman Clay Earl(P)
26 Broch Broch Madadh Abhainn Wise Cathy Iversen/Bob Iversen Bob Iversen
27 Axel Belwind Badass Clay Earl Clay Earl(P)
28 Chief FC FlatWater Chief of Hearthrock MH Cristy Joy Collin Pickrel
29 Mimi AFC Paragon's Maeve Macaoidh of Wise River Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Mhari Peschel(A)
31 Buddy Kenxiam Hill Runner of Damrie Alexander Kerr Alexander Kerr Scratch
32 Stella AFC Cattails Stella Artois MH Amelia Baxter Amelia Baxter Scratch

Puppy-AM Thursday January 23, 2020
Entered (5)
Started (5)
5 Broch Broch Madadh Abhainn Wise Cathy Iversen/Bob Iversen Bob Iversen 1st
3 Alice Craney Hill Closed On Thanksgiving Donnie Jordan Donnie Jordan(A) 2nd
4 Jake Strongs River Ranch Little Jake Stephen Seltzer/Judith Seltzer Stephen Seltzer(A) 3rd
1 Bucky Paragon's One Lucky Buckaroo of Hellfire Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Gary Peschel 4th
2 Rain Wise River’s Mad Rainmaker Bob Iversen/Cathy Iversen Bob Iversen(A)

Amateur All-Age-AM Friday January 24, 2020
Entered (34)
Started (30)
27 Tie BCR's Sharp Dressed Man Robert Clayton Robert Clayton(A) 1st
5 Ted AFC Willowsaul Batman of Countryways Tom Nabity Tom Nabity(A) 2nd
24 Lola AFC Wise River's Mad Showgirl Cathy Iversen/Bob Iversen Cathy Iversen 3rd
28 Abby Paragon's Presto Abra-ca-dabra Mhari and Gary Peschel Mhari Peschel 4th
1 Marley FC CFC Tonacrick Marley Jack Waggoner Jack Waggoner()
2 Rip Esgob Enchantment Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Gary Peschel
3 Duncan GoodLife Duke Duncan Suzanne Smith Skip Smith
4 Aoife FC Paragon's Aoife Na'Tuile Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Mhari Peschel(A)
6 Mahttie CAFC Blackbrier’s Makers Mark Manhattan Michael Pollack Michael Pollack(A)
7 Jones Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. Beast Rick Shively/Carol Shively Rick Shively(A)
8 Mugsey Ice Cold Mugs Ray Jack Ray Jack()
9 Rooster FC Sunrise John Wayne Chris Wilkinson Chris Wilkinson(A)
10 Jake Seanessa Bradie Kent McKeever Kent McKeever(A)
11 Digger Satan's Playboy LRP Donald Chambers Donald Chambers Scratch
12 Snow The Mad Winters Night of Wise River Cathy Iversen/Bob Iversen Cathy Iversen Scratch
13 Mike Sunrise Michael of Farview Skip Smith/Kathy Sleavin Skip Smith(A)
14 Colt Tridon's Second Amendment Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Gary Peschel
15 Annie FTCH Coldwaters Supernatural Jeanne Nabity Jeanne Nabity(A)
16 Rowan FC Paragon Addiwhan's Ode to O'Ruadhain Mhari Peschel/Gary Peschel Mhari Peschel(A)
17 Ace BCR's Ramblin Gamblin Man Robert Clayton Robert Clayton(A)/Cowan Clayton
18 Sazz Blackbrier’s Sazarac Michael Pollack Michael Pollack(A)
19 Becky FC Salmy's Becky Jack Waggoner Alexander Kerr(A)
20 Light KantAgrees Master of Light Jill Hibbard Jill Hibbard(A)
21 Riley Goodlife Riley of Farview Skip Smith Skip Smith(A)
22 Sage Strong’s Windfall Sage MH Allen Gann Allen Gann Scratch
23 Bandit Desperado Jesse James Rick Shively/Carol Shively Rick Shively(A)
25 Pippa AFC Wind River Pippa Tom Nabity Tom Nabity(A)
26 Elphie Paragon's Elphinston Maitland Dalglish Gray Mhari Peschel Gary Peschel
29 Piper Kisiwa's First Flight North MH Stephen Seltzer Stephen Seltzer(A)
30 Emmie Blackbrier’s Emerald Isle Absolut Michael Pollack/William Marenich Michael Pollack(A)
31 Sykes Sunrise Sykes of Farview Kathy Sleavin/Skip Smith Skip Smith(A)
32 Derby Wise River's Ranchhand Douglas Reynolds/Gail Reynolds Gail Reynolds
33 Yo-yo Satan's Playgirl LRP Donald Chambers Donald Chambers(A) Scratch
34 Hank Cattails Lovesick Blues Amelia Baxter Amelia Baxter

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