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****If you need to MOVE  a dog from one Stake/Category to another in this event,  please email me at akcdiv@huntsecretary.com.

***If you need change a handler's name, please email me as well.
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National Amateur Cocker Championship ** Date Change***

Wednesday December 9, 2020 (AM)(Event# : 2020133238)

National Amateur Championship-AM Wednesday December 9, 2020 (35)
Dakota FC AFC Dakota's Lake Tapps Sun MHA Alexandra Roberts Scott Mason(A)
Tangle Nohea Tangle Blue TD Danae Steele Danae Steele(A)
Jesse FC Whispering Jesse of Terrybrook Walter Leytham Walter Leytham(A)
Churro FC AFC Absolute's Siempre el Mejor Churro MH Bruce Britton Bruce Britton(A)
Spiff Absolute’s Hey Mister Spaceman Bruce Britton Bruce Britton(A)
Winchester FC AFC Shogun's Hunting Star Winchester MHA Vickie Dahlk Vickie Dahlk(A)
Kermit Covey Flush Kermit's Surprise MH Alan Barnes Alan Barnes(A)
Blossom Lighthouse Dearie Chuck Cloninger Chuck Cloninger(A)
Tighe FC Tirbracken Tighe MH Ruth Heston Walter Leytham
Rye FC AFC Katahdin's Catch'er in the Rye Terry Oliver Terry Oliver(A)
Maple Piasa Creek Red Maple MH Danae Steele Jane Zank(A)
Cairo NFC FC Warrener's Chuck-Will's Widow MH Deb Strohl Deb Strohl
Clea Fallen Wings Queen of Egypt MH Deb Strohl Deb Strohl
Cruz Stonewalker to Margaritaville Peter Rizzo Peter Rizzo(A)
Cotton Fallen Wing's Blue Cotton Rumi Schroeder Rumi Schroeder(A)
Johnny FC AFC Fallen Wing's Teachers Pet Rumi Schroeder Rumi Schroeder(A)
Ripples Fallen Wing’s Calm Waters Rumi Schroeder Rumi Schroeder(A)
Daisy FC Fetherquest's Loves Me Loves Me Not Roxane Poray Roxane Poray()
Tucker FC Prairie Marsh Pint of Stout Kade Vershey Kade Vershey(A)
Jacks Tirbracken's Jackie Boy Cahir Lynch Cahir Lynch(A)
Louie Lighthouse Pops Kevin McGlin Kevin McGlin(A)
Lenny FC Salem Farm's Lenny SH Josh Blaisdell Josh Blaisdell(A)
Lucy FC Salem Farm's Lucy SH Josh Blaisdell Josh Blaisdell(A)
Bella Torne Brook's Iron Maiden Jack Glinsky Jack Glinsky(A)
Daisy Columbia's Field of Dreams MH Dan Wright Dan Wright(A)
Oliver FC AFC Shogun's Mahogany Dunn SH Samantha Griffin Samantha Griffin(A)
Bailey Biltmore’s Black Diamond Bryan Miller Bryan Miller(A)
Chance FC Wind Whistle Last Chance SH Thomas Calabrese Thomas Calabrese(A)
Finley Windy Acres Bluffview Finley John Kriegl/Mark Schinderle John Kriegl(A)
Maryann Dbltap's Three Hour Tour Dawn Schuster Dawn Schuster
Raven FTAW Rabbitridge Raven Julie Mommaerts/Paul Mommaerts Julie Mommaerts(A)
Shadow Columbia’s Shadow Monty Kayes Monty Kayes(A)
Emily Katahdin's East Branch Emily Terry Oliver Terry Oliver(A)
Kona FC Lock Ridge Aikane Kona John Bishop John Bishop(A)
Maika Aikane Pomaika John Bishop John Bishop(A)

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