Poodle Club of America Spaniel Hunt Test April 16, 2020 ***Cancelled***

American Kennel Club Licensed Spaniel Hunt Test

Thursday April 16, 2020 (Event# 2020070201)

Event Location:
Black Hawk Valley Hunt Club & Sporting Clay
Old Monroe, MO

Entries Close: Thursday, April 2, 2020 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time(ET)

Poodle Club of America

Method of acceptance first received
Wait list will be maintained until closing date Entries will close at 11:59 PM (CT) on Thursday, April 2, 2020 after which time entries cannot be accepted, canceled, or substituted.

This Spaniel Hunt Test is held under the Rules and Procedures of the American Kennel Club.

Spaniel Hunting Test for Standard and Miniature Poodles Only.
All dogs must be six months of age or over on the day of the Hunting Test.

Event Schedule & Entry Fees: Thursday April 16, 2020 (AM)
Stake Entries Fee Start Judges *Denotes Apprentice Judge
Master  **see below $85 8 AM Susan Sarracino-Deihl Robert Deihl
Senior  **see below $85 8 AM Susan Sarracino-Deihl Robert Deihl
Junior  **see below $75 8 AM Susan Sarracino-Deihl Robert Deihl

1st Event Day (2020070201) will be considered FULL when the TOTAL number of the entries in ALL Stakes for that day reach 25.

Entries Close: Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time(ET)


  Hunt Sec LLC
708 CR 3140
Crockett, TX 75835

CLUB Event Secretary

Joyce Carlli
assistant secretary Jo Swanto (questions only)
New Berlin
New Berlin, WI 53146

For Mailed entries make checks payable to:  Hunt Sec
For Mailed entries, please include the $4.00 Service/Entry Fee per dog/ per entry.

*$4.50 fee per dog/ per stake entry below $100
*$5.00 fee per dog/ per stake entry $100 - $145


Welcome to the Poodle Club of America, Inc. Spaniel Hunt Test. This test is open to Standard and Miniature Poodles.
Entries for all stakes will open FEBRUARY 14, 2020 AT 8:00AM (CT)
Method of acceptance first received. Wait list will be maintained until closing date.

A special thanks to the staff at the Black Hawk Valley Hunt Club & Sporting Clay for the use of the facilities and grounds. We also thank the judges, workers and club members. Thank you.

Please air/exercise your dogs away from the test location and those areas where there is likely to be foot traffic.

PICK UP after your dog.

No un-entered dogs loose, please.

FOR SAFETY BLAZE ORANGE MUST BE WORN BY ALL PERSONS IN THE FIELD including the gallery. (Blaze Orange is not required for the water work.)


President - Ms. Susan Burge
First Vice President - Mr. Dennis McCoy
Second Vice President - Dr. Michael Knight
Corresponding Secretary - Ms. Cathryn Catelain
Recording Secretary - Ms. Linda Campbell
Treasurer - Ms. Joyce Carelli


Toy Representative - Mr. Jim Wasilak
Miniature Representative - Ms. Janet Lange Moses
Standard Representative - Ms. Mary Oloud
Delegate to AKC - Dr. Donald Sturz Jr.
Publicity Chairman - Ms. Joan McFadden

Event Chairman
Jaci Bowman
128 East Capitol Dr
Hartland, Wisconsin 53029
Event Secretary
Joyce Carlli
assistant secretary Jo Swanto (questions only)
New Berlin
New Berlin, WI 53146
Committee MemberDonald Adams Jr
Committee MemberJoyce Carelli
Committee MemberJudy Cooksey
Committee MemberCharlotte Mitchell
Committee MemberSusanne Nash
Chukar and/or Pheasant
Qualifying dogs will receive official AKC rosette ribbons.

New title awards will be offered for all dog finishing their title at this event.

Also from Pro Plan and Artero as follows:
1. Purina Pro Plan Small Towels offer by Pro Plan.
2. Artero Shampoo and Conditioner offered by Artero USA Inc.


This test is open to Standard and Miniature Poodles.
American Kennel Club rules will be used.
Rules can be viewed at www.akc.org.

• Please bring your own shade and water.
• Dogs must be on leash or confined when not running in test.
• Electronic collars are not permitted.
• Please keep cell phones on silent mode.

Please air/exercise your dogs away from the test location and those areas where there is likely to be foot traffic. PICK UP after your dog and take it with you.

No un-entered dogs loose, please.


Important Contacts:
Animal Emergency Clinic
334 Fort Zumwalt Square
O’Fallon, Missouri 63366

Police Department Dial 911
Old Monroe Police Dept
101 Locust St
Old Monroe, Missouri 63369

Mercy Hospital Lincoln
1000 Cherry St
Troy, MO 63379

Ambulance Service Dial 911
Lincoln County Ambulance District
11 Highland Rd, Winfield, MO 63389


Drawings will take place at Huntsecretary.com 8:00 AM ET on 4/3/2020. The Running Order will be electronically randomized and adjusted slightly to accommodate handlers running multiple dogs.


Scratches prior to closing date will be refunded by HuntSecretary.com unless Club Scratch Policy below states otherwise.
After the closing date, all scratches will be handled based on the Club Scratch Policy specified below.
Club Scratch Policy

Bitches in Season and injured dogs: The test committee must receive scratches prior to the beginning of the test.
Bitches in season cannot run.
Entry fees (minus AKC fees if cancelled after closing) will only be refunded for: (1) a bitch in season—with a letter from a veterinarian; (2) a dog that is injured, ill, or dies—with a letter from a veterinarian or (3) an entry cancelled prior to closing who does not run. No other refunds will be given.


Prior to the close, if an AKC/Parent Club event has to cancel due to COVID, only the entry fee will be refunded.


Hotel accommodations: A block of rooms have been reserved for PCA Field events. Sleep Inn & Suites, O’Fallon, MO 147 Technology Drive, (636)329-1000. Ask for Shelbi when calling to make a reservation.


Please note, new this year: You will need to bring your own lunch, there is no food at the test grounds this year.
Workers will however will be provided lunch by the test committee


The Working Poodle Dinner is planned for Sunday night, April 14 th. See insert in the PCA Premium and/or the PCA website for reservation and pricing information. www.poodleclubofamerica.org


Black Hawk Valley Hunt Club & Sporting Clay
Old Monroe, MO
1259 Brevator Road
Old Monroe, MO 63369

Directions to the Hunt Test Site:

US-61 N to State Hwy C in Moscow Mills. Take the Missouri C exit from US-61 N
19 min (21.1 mi) Continue on State Hwy C. Drive to Brevator Rd in Monroe Township
9 min (7.1 mi) to Black Hawk Valley Hunt Club 1259 Brevator Rd Old Monroe, MO 63369. Approximately 30 minutes from O’Fallon MO.

Official American Kennel Club ® FIELD TRIAL or HUNT TEST Form





Event type:
(test or trial)

Enter In Stake/test:

Retriever Trials ONLY this dog is qualified for (check answer):
Limited All Age Stake: YES NO          Restricted All-Age Stake: YES  No         Special All Age Stake: YES NO
AKC Number:

Foreign & List Country:

I enclose Entry Fees:
In  Amount of:
(please add $4 per dog/stake
for HS Fees)
Full Name
of Dog:
Reg #
Call Name:        
Date of Birth:




Name of
City: State: Zip:
Name of Owner's
City: State: Zip:
AKC Rules, Regulations, Policies and Guidelines are available
on the American Kennel Club website:

 I certify that I am the actual owner of the dog, or that I am the duly authorized agent of the actual owner whose name I have entered above. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, I (we) agree to abide by the rules and regulations of The American Kennel Club in effect at the time of this event, and any additional rules and regulations appearing in the premium list of this event and entry form and any decision made in accord with them. I (we) agree that the club holding this event has the right to refuse this entry for cause which the club shall deem sufficient. I (we) certify and represent that the dog entered is not a hazard to persons or other dogs. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry and of the holding of this event and of the opportunity to have the dog judged and to win prizes, ribbons, or trophies, I (we) agree to hold the AKC, the event-giving club, their members, directors, governors, officers, agents, superintendents or event secretary and the owner and/or lessor of the premises and any provider of services that are necessary to hold this event and any employees or volunteers of the aforementioned parties, and any AKC approved judge, judging at this event, harmless from any claim for loss or injury which may be alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly to any person or thing by the act of this dog while in or about the event premises or grounds or near any entrance thereto, and I (we) personally assume all responsibility and liability for any such claim; and I (we) further agree to hold the aforementioned parties harmless from any claim for loss, injury or damage to this dog. Additionally, I (we) hereby assume the sole responsibility for and agree to indemnify, defend and save the aforementioned parties harmless from any and all loss and expense (including legal fees) by reason of the liability imposed by law upon any of the aforementioned parties for damage because of bodily injuries, including death at any time resulting therefrom, sustained by any person or persons, including myself (ourselves), or on account of damage to property, arising out of or in consequence of my (our) participation in this event, however such, injuries, death or property damage may be caused, and whether or not the same may have been caused or may be alleged to have been caused by the negligence of the aforementioned parties or any of their employees, agents, or any other person. I (we) agree that the determination of whether the injury is serious shall be made by the event veterinarian and is binding on me (us). I (WE) AGREE THAT ANY CAUSE OF ACTION, CONTROVERSY OR CLAIM ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THE ENTRY, EXHIBITION OR ATTENDANCE AT THE EVENT BETWEEN THE AKC AND THE EVENT-GIVING CLUB (UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED IN THIS PREMIUM LIST) AND MYSELF (OURSELVES) OR AS TO THE CONSTRUCTION, INTERPRETATION AND EFFECT OF THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE SETTLED BY ARBITRATION PURSUANT TO THE APPLICABLE RULES OF THE AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION. HOWEVER, PRIOR TO ARBITRATION ALL APPLICABLE AKC BYLAWS, RULES, REGULATIONS AND PROCEDURES MUST FIRST BE FOLLOWED AS SET FORTH IN THE AKC CHARTER AND BYLAWS, RULES, REGULATIONS, PUBLISHED POLICIES AND GUIDELINES.

Signature of owner or his
agent duly authorized to make this entry:


Mail Entries and Payment to:*** 
Hunt Sec LLC
708 CR 3140
Crockett, TX 75835

** Please note:  All Mailed entries will be opened randomly the morning after an event opens (for everyone).
Please include $4.00 per dog/entry.